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Developed by the Japanese game developer Sprite, the new adult-oriented beautiful girl game “Quartet of the Other Side of Cangzhi” is a well-known plot masterpiece in the Galgame world. The long-awaited “Quartet EXTRA2 of the Other Side of Cangzhi” brings the story line of “Torisawa Misaki” to a perfect conclusion.

“The Quartet of the Other Side of Blue EXTRA2” is just like the title of the work. It is a continuation of the original “Quartet of the Other Side of the Blue” to continue this story with the nature of FD (Fan Disc, additional content). The “EXTRA” released in 2017 is based on Arisaka Mashiro is the protagonist, while the protagonist of “EXTRA2” is the story of Torisawa Misaki as the main axis.

For many people who have not been exposed to the works of “Quartet Beyond the Blue”, perhaps it is only to see if the appearance of the four heroines suits their appetite. However, the emotional stacking of the game’s past plots makes the charm of each character unique. It is worth recalling again and again, and the story of EX2 Misaki hits the author’s heart directly, and it is worth recommending to all friends.

The story summary of this article

Briefly introduce the story of this article.

The background of “The Quartet Beyond the Blue” is set in a fictional sci-fi world. The development of human science and technology should be able to use anti-gravity particles to apply to various inventions. Among them, the advent of anti-gravity shoes makes flying in the sky as easy as riding a bicycle. Then a new competitive sport “Flying Circus” was derived.

The leading actor “Hyuga Akiya” has been gifted in this sport since he was a child. He was once a rising star that attracted much attention, but after a certain overwhelming defeat, he bid farewell to this sport forever.

Until Akira met the transfer student “Kurashina Asuka” (also the heroine of the anime version) in high school, facing this novice who was full of interest in “air racing”, unable to resist her enthusiasm, Akira decided to join the air racing department The club helped guide her training.

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Therefore, the main axis of the story unfolds in the air racing club next to the protagonist, facing the lively and cute junior “Arisaka Mashiro”, the genius classmate “Torisawa Misaki”, and the sincere and enthusiastic transfer student “Kurashina Asuka” “During the days of directing flight training, Akira gradually regained her previous enthusiasm, and she and her partners sometimes competed and encouraged each other, and faced challenges and powerful enemies together.

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The development of the game story is to fly with one of the heroines. In other words, this work is describing the youth love story written by the two people who met because of “flying” and their partners.

The center of gravity of EXTRA2, Torisawa Misaki

In this work EXTRA 2, the heroine is “Torisawa Misaki”, she is a talented girl, no matter what she does, she can get started quickly, but she is prone to lack of motivation and gives up halfway.

Although Misaki’s acting style seems to be careless and careless, she is actually quite unwilling to admit defeat. It seems that he didn’t study hard, but his grades are very good, his motor nerves are very good and his response is sensitive.

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The heart is slender and not frank enough. If you are very nervous, you will pretend to be confused or change the subject to try to relieve the tension and try to cover up your true emotions.

This chapter ended in the “Flying Circus” personal high-intensity competition in the region. Akira could not take into account the training of each member, so he could only choose one of them to give personal strengthening guidance.

At this time, Misaki Torusawa felt jealous and afraid when she saw Asuka in the same club making rapid progress, even gradually catching up with and surpassing herself, so she chose to escape and leave the club and never reappeared.

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At this time, Akira also chose Misaki. In the process of chasing and escaping Misaki, she would find that Misaki had short hair like a little boy when she was a child, and she had a relationship with Akira once. At the same time, she was deeply frustrated , and free yourself from the culprit in the sky.

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In the end, Akira overcomes all these by relying on her love for Misaki, and believes, gives, and supports her. Misaki, who is finally convinced by Akira, also decides to seriously respond to Akiya’s trust and love, and abandons herself who is easy to give up halfway, wholeheartedly. Put into training and competition, and finally won the championship together with Akira.

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As for EXTRA 2, at the end of this article, Misaki won the championship and proved herself as the end, but the confusion and doubts about herself have not been resolved, but the discussion of this article has been further extended in EX2.

Since there is no need to take into account the plot direction of the overall work like this article, it is more focused on Misaki’s character creation, which is very good, and this work alone is very valuable.

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Not just love, but also a bloody competition

At the same time, EXTRA2 is not just Misaki’s one-man show. It not only describes Misaki’s growth, but also leaves enough space for each character’s mentality changes due to Misaki’s influence.

The overhead design of anti-gravity shoes in the work is a movement that runs through this work. Just like other sports, clubs are formed, there are professional players in society, and there are various competitions.

In this work EX2, it can be felt that the production team used more streamlines to express the intensity of the battle and the imagination of the picture, so that people can feel the sense of presence more deeply, and make a virtual fantasy competitive sports full and three-dimensional , is even more fascinating.

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The competition between Minister Ziyuan and the nickname “Hero of the Four Islands” Mado is even more exciting. Facing the challenge of the strongest Mato on the island, the soul collision of being fearless and burning everything.

The purest competition between men and men, the free and easy and unrestrained after doing their best is really desirable, full of enthusiasm, unlike the general sports works in Galgame, you do your sports, I talk about my love, which is so fragmented .

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Speaking of this, of course we can’t miss it. Sprite’s art is really nothing to say. From the previous “Love, Election and Chocolate” to the present, it is unique. Whether it is the characters or the background, it is very refreshing and bright. Full of the youthful and lovely atmosphere unique to beautiful girls.

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On the other hand, the background creates an animation-like texture, instead of focusing on the details, it focuses more on the overall aesthetics of the atmosphere. In EXRTA2, the combination of the screen, the text plot and the music is completely natural, and it is still impeccable.

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The two hugged each other in front of the door and talked to each other about the future

With the impact of the Internet and piracy, in recent years, Japanese H-Game game manufacturers can say that they are dying and falling down. In June 2018, Sprite, an old game company, actually announced that it would stop its activities and announced that Stopped the development of this work “Blue Quartet EXTRA2”, just when a bunch of people sighed, in November of the same year, it was announced that it would be revived again, probably because there was a funder who was willing to support it.

Therefore, as a senior Galgame player, at the end of the year, it is really satisfying to be able to play this work that may not exist. People are looking forward to it.

Those who are still watching, don’t hesitate, as long as you like the Sprite company or Misaki Torusawa, you are strongly recommended to start, whether it’s music, art or plot, it’s definitely worth the money.

The last personal content experience sharing will involve some plot leaks. If you are very concerned about the plot and don’t want to be spoiled, readers are advised to turn left and leave.

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