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48-year-old Xu Luer’s “spicy body” was exposed and the Internet shocked: It’s too unscientific


Entertainment Center/Reported by Xu Jiahui

Actress Xu Weien has a beautiful appearance and a hot figure. Her brothers and sisters also inherited the divine gene from their parents. Among them, her eldest sister Xu Luer has been featured in foreign media for her age-old beauty. Xu Luer, who is traveling abroad recently, shared many beautiful travel photos on IG. She is wearing a white short-cut vest and sports casual pants, and her slender waist is fully exposed. It is hard to believe that she is 48 years old, attracting a large number of netizens. Praise.

Xu Luer recently traveled abroad and shared many beautiful photos on social media. (Picture/reproduced from IG@lurehsu)

Xu Luer posted on IG yesterday (17th), “Happy time always passes very quickly, and in the blink of an eye, the holiday is coming to an end.” In the photo, she is wearing a white short vest with a strap design at the hem that highlights her charming water snake waist. The lower body is paired with purple casual pants and sneakers, giving her a very sporty style. Her long hair is flowing down, very elegant, and overall Sexy and energetic. In addition, Xu Luer also shared local delicacies, which looked quite delicious. In the past, Xu Luer also posted photos of her younger sisters Xu Feifei, Xu Wei’en, and younger brother Xu Tom. The four siblings’ magical genes were immediately praised by netizens.

unbelievable!Xu Luer went abroad to liberate her

unbelievable!Xu Luer went abroad to liberate her

Xu Luer is 48 years old, but he is still in very good condition. (Picture/reproduced from IG@lurehsu)

As soon as the post came out, it immediately attracted a large number of netizens to praise it as “so beautiful”, “I want to see Luer share more”, “beautiful to a milestone”, and “cute”. In fact, in the past, some foreign netizens saw Xu Luer’s birthday cake with candles on her 48th birthday, and couldn’t help but exclaimed, “How old is she? Is she really 48?” and “She looks only 18 years old.” Xu Luer also revealed her five skin care secrets, which are to drink more warm water and eat vegetables every day, always wear sunscreen when going out, eat more fiber and high protein, maintain regular exercise, and always keep a smile, which instantly became the favorite of a large number of netizens. Learning objectives.

unbelievable!Xu Luer went abroad to liberate her

unbelievable!Xu Luer went abroad to liberate her

Xu Luer’s brothers and sisters all have beautiful appearances. Pictured on the right, from left to right: Xu Weien, Xu Feifei, Xu Luer, Xu Tom. (Picture/reproduced from IG@lurehsu)

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