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The new visual novel “Death in Shinjuku” jointly planned and produced by Japanese game company G-MODE and Plus81 has released its Steam page and updated its official website. It is expected to be released in February 2024. It will provide a Chinese subtitle interface and tell the story of ordinary people in a run-down slum questioning the value of life. s story.

“Death in Shinjuku” was first announced at COMIDAY26, a Chinese fan exchange conference, in August this year. It is written by Kataoka Satoshi, the playwright of well-received text adventure games such as “120 Yuan Spring” and “Bubble Winter Scene”, and is responsible for the screenplay of “Classmates” and other popular text adventure games. The famous painter Huang Kohaku (すめらぎkohaku) is responsible for the character design and original painting.

The story takes place in “Shinjuku Kowloon”, a deserted area adjacent to the colorful Kabukicho. The area has expanded to absorb various human lives and desires, gathering a large number of poor people, thugs and marginalized people abandoned by society.

Players will play the role of the undertaker “Fei Yilianghusheng” (CV: Seki Chiichi). At the price of “listening to the voice of the dead”, he entrusts his life to others to obtain “immortality” and faces the threat of evil spirits every day (not even leaving Shinjuku). will die), so he wants to find the person who took his life and perform a dangerous funeral.



The official release of other appearing characters includes the ghost girl “Rokudo Rinone” (CV: Yui Ishikawa) who has troubled the protagonist for more than ten years, and Tora’s childhood sweetheart and head of the External Affairs Section of the Shinjuku City Public Security Department “Ichinose Tenyi” (CV: Hikasa Yoko) ), the boss of the Chinese gang and Tora’s childhood playmate “Hu Youyan” (CV: Goo Otsuka), and the church deacon (deacon) with strong soul sensing ability, Mashiro Araiza (CV: Arisa Hirano).

“Shinjuku Death” is expected to be released on Steam in February 2024, priced at 3,990 yen including tax.

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