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Xiao S’s acting skills exploded in a fierce battle with Wu Kangren in “At This Moment”! I once fell into a low ebb and realized: the more I see clearly, the more comfortable I feel! 10 golden quotes to teach you how to live in the present better

Xiao S’s acting skills exploded in a fierce battle with Wu Kangren in “At This Moment”! I once fell into a low ebb and realized: the more I see clearly, the more comfortable I feel! 10 golden quotes to teach you how to live in the present better
Xiao S’s acting skills exploded in a fierce battle with Wu Kangren in “At This Moment”! I once fell into a low ebb and realized: the more I see clearly, the more comfortable I feel! 10 golden quotes to teach you how to live in the present better

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The most discussed drama in Taiwan these days is the new Netflix drama “At This Moment”. Xiao S has a fierce battle with Wu Kangren in the seventh episode, and it has become a hot topic in the entertainment industry! Not only has her hosting career been brilliant, Xiao S Xu Xidi’s superb acting skills in the drama also opened the eyes of netizens. As her daughters Lily and Elly become more and more outstanding, Xiao S continues to shine on the screen! In the 34 years since his debut, Xiao S also fell into a low point in his life without being a host. Later, he discovered that when he honestly faces his inner needs, the more he sees clearly, the more comfortable he becomes! Let the editor share 10 inspiring quotes that little S once said. “Actually, forget it~” is her favorite sentence!

“At This Moment” Xiao S’s fierce battle with Wu Kangren’s acting skills exploded

In the new drama “At This Moment”, Xiao S and Wu Kangren have three passionate scenes. Different from the sharp and humorous style of previous hosts, Xiao S puts aside his baggage and challenges large-scale dramas. His natural expression of emotions and delicate atmosphere creation, together with the performance of the drama Lin Xinru has given up! Netizens even praised her, saying, “Little S has some acting skills” and “Little S is so brave! Her acting skills are really good.” Even if she staged a passionate bed fight scene, Little S won the support of her father-in-law and mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law said: ” The bigger the scale, the better.” My father-in-law gave a thumbs up and praised “Well done”, which made Xiao S happily post and share “Great! My father-in-law also passed the test!”.

After Xiao S left “Kangxi”, he was at a low ebb for 2 years: he felt that he had become a useless person

Xiao S has been out of hosting work for a long time since the classic masterpiece “The Coming of Kangxi” was closed. Even though she declared to the public that she was very happy, she later revealed her true feelings on the podcast, saying that everything went wrong in the first year when she was unemployed. Very good. In the second year, I started to feel restless and insecure. I didn’t want to go out to exercise or eat. I almost stayed at home. I even cried violently occasionally! Xiao S said: “I will tell reporters that I am not worried at all. That is because I have been lying to myself. I will start to feel insecure. Does it mean that it doesn’t matter if the entertainment industry does not have me? In the past, people would say that I am a front-line person. Female hosts, after disappearing for a few years, many female hosts have appeared and are very good. I stay at home all day long and feel as if I have suddenly become a useless person.”

Xiao S returned to hosting and regained her confidence, only to discover that every character in life is happy

Later, it was through the encouragement of Big S that she made a comeback, broke through her defenses and challenged herself to host. With her work as her focus, Little S gradually regained her confidence. Little S said: “After regaining her confidence, she found that every role was unique. She is now happy! She will treasure her time when she is a mother, and when she is a useless person, she will feel that she does not have to do anything at all and enjoys it~” After getting rid of the slump, she found that the most useful way to relieve stress is “complaining and exercising”. Xiao S said: “When I’m depressed, I talk about it openly, find people who are willing to listen, and listen to the encouragement they give me. This is my outlet for me! I also found that people will feel much more relaxed after sweating a lot, and it can last for at least 5 years. I was in a good mood when I was young!”

After going through the low tide, Xiao S’s top 10 inspirational quotes in life are taken into account

After experiencing a low point in life, Xiao S has truly realized that “only when you relax can you feel the charm of freedom” and “recognize yourself and you will be free”! If you are also caught in an emotional whirlpool, you might as well take a look at Xiao S’s sharp life quotes.

1. You want to stay in your comfort zone and you are not interested in challenges, that’s okay too! Everyone has their own life! If you can stay within your comfort zone and take care of yourself, that’s great too! It doesn’t have to be brilliant fireworks, even warm candles are very romantic!

2. When you are eager to prove that you have content, you often look very shallow; when you try your best to show that you are sexy, you tend to look ridiculous! Sometimes when you relax, you accidentally look charming!

3. There are so many people scolding you and attacking you for unknown reasons, because you are famous enough, so you should thank them.

4. Life doesn’t care about anything, it just keeps moving forward willfully, just like we keep changing slowly…not getting older, but very interesting.

5. Calm down and take a good look at yourself. No matter you are upright, romantic, or a slut, love yourself! Once you understand it, you will be free!

6. I really can’t refuse the delicious pound cake, but I also want to maintain a graceful figure… But forget it, life without such a little happiness would be too painful. “Actually, forget it~” is my favorite a sentence.

7. Don’t try to please someone who hates you. You don’t need to bother trying to please someone who hates you. Excusing yourself will only make you embarrassed. Just let him hate you as he likes! Spend time trying to please the person you love, and the person who loves you will be worth more.

8. You really don’t need to care about what others think, just like you don’t really care about other people’s lives!

9. People cannot be happy all the time. Happiness is usually a momentary feeling. I think it is too much to ask people to be happy. The best state for people is to be at ease.

10. If you like to eat shit, don’t expect others to like it too! Even if you are close friends sharing weal and woe ~ because everyone has different tastes! Even if he loves you very much, he doesn’t necessarily like to eat shit. This is the most basic respect!

Face your own needs and listen to your inner voice, and your life will not stay at the bottom forever. After going through a slump, Xiao S ushered in a career explosion. Not only did she regain her confidence, it also gave her more room to enjoy the present in various roles in life.

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