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“Secretary Kim” actress shares ultrasound photos while pregnant: Thank you for coming to mom

“Secretary Kim” actress shares ultrasound photos while pregnant: Thank you for coming to mom
“Secretary Kim” actress shares ultrasound photos while pregnant: Thank you for coming to mom
Huang Baoluo announced that she is pregnant. (Photo/pinggumama IG)

The 40-year-old Korean actress Hwang Bo Ra (also translated as Hwang Bo Ra) has attracted much attention in the past for her role as “Bong Se Ra” in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” Last year, she got married to Cha Hyun-woo, the 44-year-old brother of actor Ha Jung-woo, whom she has been dating for nine years. She has been actively preparing for pregnancy. Now she has received the good news of pregnancy. She happily expressed on social media: “Thank you for coming to mom.”

Huang Baoluo shared the good news of pregnancy on Instagram yesterday (19th): “It has been exactly one year since we got married, and God has given our couple a little angel.” She believes that “life after marriage is sweet, and there are occasional disputes with her husband. That’s because Each other wanted to be loved by the other more, but I never imagined that there would be greater happiness than this. I wanted to give everything I had without reservation, and I felt a love that would not feel a pity even if I gave everything. “

Although she did not reveal the child’s gender, she still emotionally revealed, “Before I knew I became a mother, there was someone who loved my body and actually integrated it into one. The little angel who taught me this was my five virtues (baby name). Thank you.” Come find mom.” In response, many fans sent their blessings.

In fact, the 40-year-old Huang Baoluo once wanted to have a baby in “Strange Beds 2”. When she went to the obstetrics and gynecology department for a check-up, she was told that “the quality of the eggs was not good.” She said sadly: “I was very sad and even cried. But I need You must first register your marriage and become a legal couple before you can undergo in vitro fertilization and other surgeries.” Therefore, the couple registered first and then hosted a banquet, and finally got what they wanted.


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