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Illustrator’s “drawing of alien dogs” goes viral! They really look the same | NOWnews pet website | LINE TODAY

Illustrator’s “drawing of alien dogs” goes viral! They really look the same | NOWnews pet website | LINE TODAY
Illustrator’s “drawing of alien dogs” goes viral! They really look the same | NOWnews pet website | LINE TODAY
▲A foreign illustrator quickly drew a hilarious moment of his family’s dog. He originally thought it was a random doodle, but he didn’t expect that the dog in the photo actually looked like this, which made many people laugh. (Picture/Facebook fan @Flat Dog Doodles)

[NOWnews今日新聞] People who draw illustrations always use real subjects as their subjects, so that the drawn works will feel more vivid. However, there are several illustrations about animals that have been circulated on the Internet and become popular. The reason is that these illustrations depict animals. It was very strange, with no neck and weird limb angles. Unexpectedly, netizens laughed out loud after seeing the real photos of the animals, saying, “This is genius, they really look the same.”

A foreign illustrator named Jay Cartner has been creating for 20 years. However, what made him famous in the past was not his particularly powerful works, but the animals that looked like random graffiti. drawing,For example, there are dogs with no necks and strangely arranged limbs, giving them a very unnatural appearance.

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▲I didn’t expect that illustrator Carter’s paintings were the same as photos of dogs, but these were hilarious moments of dogs. Carter simply drew them immediately, and their funny looks became popular. (Photo/YT@AT WORK)

After seeing the illustration, many people laughed and said, “What kind of graffiti is this? Was it drawn by a primary school student?” Unexpectedly, the truth was revealed. It turned out that Carter actually had three dogs in his home, named Stanley and Stuart. ) and Kitty, and whenever the dog made a hilarious move, Carter would quickly draw it in an instant. After comparing the illustration with the photo afterwards, he found that it actually matched the dog’s current action. Same with simple illustration paintings.

The photos of the control group also became popular on the Internet, and Carter also gained a lot of attention. Many people also commissioned Carter to draw many hilarious self-portraits for their furry children. Many people became fans after reading “It’s so funny.” He’s a genius illustrator.” “I thought it was just a doodle, but when I saw the real person, I believed it wasn’t a doodle.” “It turns out it’s a quick drawing technique. It’s very powerful and interesting.”

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