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Rila Ikuta + Ano voice the dual protagonists of “DEDEDEDE Demon’s Destruction” | 4Gamers

Rila Ikuta + Ano voice the dual protagonists of “DEDEDEDE Demon’s Destruction” | 4Gamers
Rila Ikuta + Ano voice the dual protagonists of “DEDEDEDE Demon’s Destruction” | 4Gamers

Singer YOASOBI “ikura” Ikuta Rila and ano (あの) will voice the protagonists of the theatrical animation adaptation of Asano Kazuo’s dystopian manga “DEAD DEAD DEMON’S DEDEDEDE DESTRUCTION” (hereinafter referred to as DEDEDEDE).

Movie introduction

“DEDEDEDE” was serialized in Shogakukan’s comic magazine Big Comic Spirits from 2014 to February 2022. It is the fourth serialized work of Asano Kazuo. “DEDEDEDE” won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in 2021 in the general category and the 25th Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts in 2022 in the comics category.

This work is the first manga work among Asano Ichiro’s many works to be adapted into animation. Asano’s other masterpiece “The Road” (2005) has been released as a live-action movie (also translated as “Hand in Hand”), and the cumulative sales of the single book “Goodnight, Boo Boo” (2007) have exceeded 3 million, but there are no other adaptations.

Story description: On August 31, three years ago, three years ago, the huge “invader” mothership suddenly descended on Tokyo. Seeing that the world was about to end, the youth of two high school students Koyamamon Dede and Nakagawa Huanglan were about to begin. Expand…

Introduction of ikura+ano

YOASOBI, which debuted in 2019, is composed of vocalist Ikura and AYASE who is responsible for the composition. Their debut song “Run to the Night” (夜に駆ける) quickly gained great popularity. In the same year, they performed live for the first time at the 71st Red and White Singing Contest in Japan, writing A new record that has appeared on Red and White before releasing a physical album.

Rila Ikuda once voiced the supporting character “Hiro” in Mamoru Hosoda’s animated film “The Dragon and the Freckled Princess” (2021). Her lively and slightly noisy feeling injects a unique color into the character.

ano is a singer, song producer, entertainer, model, and actor. He was a member of the idol group “ゆるめるモ!” from 2013 to 2019. He made his solo debut in 2020 and served as the lead singer and guitarist of the band “I’s” in 2021.

“ちゅ、多様性” to be released in 2022. ” (the ending theme of the seventh episode of “Chainsaw Man”) became popular on the short video platform due to its addictive melody and lyrics. It is also the most viewed video by ano in THE FIRST TAKE project.

@miyanomamoru_pr 亚マモル #亚のテックトック# Zaiびの亚マモル#ano ちゅ多様性 #ゲロチューダンス#宫野真愿♬ Chu, Tayousei. – ano

The character and versatility of Miyano Mamoru’s “Masamaru”. challenge,I can’t be the only one who sees it

Not only are the protagonists voiced by the most popular singers today, but the voice actors of other characters are also well-known, including Jiyuki Irino, Atsumi Tanezaki, Anmi Waki, Ryoko Shiraishi, Junichi Suwabe, Kenjiro Tsuda, etc.

“DEDEDEDE Demon’s Destruction” animation production list

Director: Tomoyuki Kurokawa (“PSYCHO-PASS”)

Script Coordinator: Reiko Yoshida (“Violet Evergarden”)

Character Design, Chief Animation Supervisor: Nobutaka Ito (“The night is short, girls, go ahead!”)

Art Director: Mika Nishimura (“Beasts”)

Music: Taro Umebayashi (“Yuri!!! on ICE”)

Animation production: Production +h.

Voice actor

Departing from Koyamamon Gate: Rila Ikuda
Nakagawa Phoenix Orchid: Ano
Keita Oba: Freedom to enter the wild
Ai Demoto: Miyuri Shimabukuro
Hirama Rin: Ohgi Saki Eko
Nozomi Kurihara: Atsumi Tanezaki
Takemoto Futaba: Harmonious Xingwei
Tainuma Makoto: Shiraishi Ryoko
Kenichi Kohibi: Aki Uchiyama
Watarase: Taito Saka
Nakagawa Hiroshi: Suwabe Junichi
Nobuo Oyama: Kenjiro Tsuda

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