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Although Namie Amuro has retired, her music is still loved by fans. (Photo/Provided by Apple Music)

The more ubiquitous streaming becomes, the more precious physical objects become. Japan’s top singer Namie Amuro recently removed her songs and videos from major Internet and streaming platforms without warning. The sudden news not only caused fans to wail, but also caused a surge in sales in the second-hand CD market. Even European and American media reported on this special incident. .

After Amuro retired without warning in 2018, fans discovered that on November 16 this year, her personal songs were removed from Apple Music, Spotify and other platforms without warning. At the same time, her YouTube channel was also set to private and displayed “This channel is currently unavailable.” , even Facebook fans, official website and online stores have all disappeared. If you want to listen to or watch genuine works on the Internet, you can only review them through the channels of singers or groups with whom she has collaborated.

The news that “Japanese Madonna” has almost disappeared from the Internet has also attracted the attention of Western media such as the Daily Mail. Foreign media all stated that Amuro has an acting career of more than 30 years, has sold more than 40 million records, and has 10 number one songs. Namie’s sudden disappearance shocked the Japanese people. This also allowed the already stable Japanese physical music market to explode into higher sales.

Namie Amuro’s second-hand album not only topped the charts, but was also out of stock in most record stores in Tokyo. In addition, some people in the industry said that the removal of Amuro Namie’s music does not actually involve copyright. It is just a re-examination of the details of the streaming music contract and the sorting of duplicate songs. Once completed, it will return to normal.

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