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Shen Yulin’s relationship with Zhou Yangqing and Luo Zhixiang Kaile was involved in the relationship turmoil between Zhou Yangqing and Luo Zhixiang and disappeared for 3 years! Shen Yulin supports her comeback: Why do girls always have to hide themselves?


Shen Yulin and Xu Weien co-hosted Dongsen Supervision’s “Hello, are you okay?” “, the program held a press conference yesterday (15th), and invited Wu Zongxian, Xu Nailin, Zeng Guocheng, Guo Yanjun, Shi Yuanjie, and Xu Feifei to offer VCR blessings. Yesterday, it was also reported that Kaile (Sister Butterfly) was suspected of having a flash marriage and then divorced, and that she was interested in returning to the entertainment industry. Regarding this, Shen Yulin generously invited her to appear on the show and even defended her.

Shen Yulin strongly supports Kaile’s comeback

Image source: Photographed by Huang Chengshuo

Since Actress Kaile (Sister Butterfly) was kicked out by Luo Zhixiang’s ex-girlfriend Zhou Yangqing three years ago and got involved in the relationship, she sent an all-black apology and disappeared. Almost no friends around her have contacted her. There are rumors that she later married The doctor who gave it to Shanghai is now rumored to be divorced. Shen Yulin said that in fact, the news is true or false, and there is no confirmation from the parties involved. Whether they are married or not is still a question, let alone a divorce. But if Kaile wants to come back, he will definitely support him fully, “And why do girls always want to be magical?” Yin? Everyone has to work. From my point of view, I fully support it!” Daqi spoke for Kaile.

Xu Weiyan is willing to share the stage with his ex KID

Image source: Photographed by Huang Chengshuo

Xu Weien said that he had worked with Kaile, but did not pay attention to this aspect. And Shen Yulin also deliberately asked her if she could ask her ex-boyfriend KID to appear on the show. Xu Weien said yes, “Everyone knows about their past, and there is nothing we can’t talk about.” Her husband Wang Jialiang wouldn’t mind, and Shen Yulin even asked with a smile. Wang Jialiang is more confident, “Because you are handsomer than KID and cleaner than him, I mean the face part.”

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Please see the original text: Kai Lejuan disappeared for 3 years after her relationship crisis. Shen Yulin supported her comeback: Why do girls always have to hide themselves? /Reported by reporter Xie Peihua
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