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Taipei City Labor Bureau “2022 Unlimited Film Festival” Premiere | Taiwan News Cloud

[Taiwan News Cloud]Reporter Lin Junwei/Taipei Report

The “2022 Infinity Film Festival”, directed by the Taipei City Government Labor Bureau and organized by the Taipei City Labor Reconstruction and Utilization Office, is a rare film festival in Taiwan focusing on the issue of people with disabilities. I invite you and me to meet people with disabilities from different perspectives, and use images to break through the perception of people with disabilities. Constraints and frameworks for persons with disabilities. The wonderful film selections and rich discussions and exchanges over the years have broadened the spiritual horizon and received warm responses from the public. For the first time this year, the dual-track approach of “physical screenings” and “online film festivals” is adopted, allowing the public to freely choose their preferred viewing methods. The Infinite Film Festival also implements cultural equality, pays attention to the needs of social participation of the visually impaired, and continues to conduct “oral video description” screenings.

The premiere of “2022 Infinite Film Festival” will specially select the audio description version of “Flying Against the Light”. This year also happens to be the tenth anniversary of the theatrical release of “Flying Against the Light”. “Flying Against the Light”, which depicts a visually impaired pianist and a girl who dreams of becoming a dancer, encourage each other to pursue their dreams bravely, has always been a classic fantasy film list that visually impaired friends are looking forward to making an “audio description version”. After a long period of communication and struggle, the Infinite Film Festival finally won the approval of the copyright owner and was willing to authorize the production of the oral version.

Today (September 23), a press conference was held to invite the male protagonist, also a visually impaired pianist, Huang Yuxiang, to re-arrange and interpret the soundtrack in the movie. Huang Yuxiang is very happy to say: I can finally fully experience the movie starring him, and no longer need to rely on others to “enroll”. When visually impaired friends go to the theater to enjoy ordinary movies, they often need their friends to “report” to explain the changes in the storyline on the screen. Promoting the birth of the “Oral Video Version” is part of the Infinite Film Festival’s commitment to cultural equality. There will be two physical screenings of the audio description version of “Flying Against the Light”. Yang Shenghong, secretary-general of the Audio Description Development Association, also called on visually impaired friends to seize the rare opportunity.

The curatorial theme of 2022 is “Bright Stars”. 10 feature films or documentaries from as many as nine countries including Taiwan will be selected, and 5 films will be screened in physical and online, leading the public to realize that each life is a unique individual. They all have their own splendid life movement, which may be a rising star in the workplace; it may also be a shining star in the art hall; or a wise star who solves worries and doubts of friends, and becomes a star that illuminates the lives of others.

The film premiered in Taiwan also won awards such as the Best Documentary at the Canadian Film and Television Awards, the New York TV Festival and the Cannes Film Festival in France. From a perceptual perspective, interviews with job seekers and their relatives and friends, and side shots of the interview process, show that people with disabilities are fearless to face challenges in the workplace. Gao Baohua, Director of the Labor Bureau of Taipei City Government, said: “I look forward to opening the communication and dialogue between the disabled and the society through images, so as to promote the public’s understanding of the disabled, to see the infinite possibilities of the disabled, and to move towards a friendly labor and diverse society.

This year’s film festival has a strong and star-studded film lineup, including Tsang Zhiwei and Shawn Yue’s interpretation of “Ignorant One Mind” with multiple issues and unspeakable difficulties in life; South Korea’s Lee Kwang Soo and Shin Ha Jun starred in “Perfect Partner” with tears in laughter and mutual support; won the award American Academy Award for Best Sound Effects “Attack Drummer” and Best Documentary Short for “Paradise in Traffic Jam on Route 405”. Following last year’s first selection of the cartoon “Joseph and the Tiger and the School of Fish”, this year, the world’s first hand-painted oil painting animation “Van Gogh: The Mystery of the Starry Night” was carefully selected. The film took 6 years and mobilized 100 animators to create it. Hope that the society will have more understanding of those who experience mental illness.

The Infinite Film Festival will open for free tickets from 9/23 (Friday). The physical film festival will be held at the Clapper Theater on the 5th floor of Taipei Sanchuang Life Park from 10/7 (Fri) to 10/9 (Sun). The online film festival will be held on 10/10. From 10(Mon) to 10/23(Sun), watch it on the online platform “Giloo Documentary Video”. For more information on how to get tickets and event details, please visit the festival’s website, or visit the “Infinite Film Festival” fan page on Facebook.

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