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Zara’s first new concept store in Taiwan, Taipei 101 grand opening JUKSY Street Star

Zara’s first new concept store in Taiwan, Taipei 101 grand opening JUKSY Street Star
Zara’s first new concept store in Taiwan, Taipei 101 grand opening JUKSY Street Star

Zara’s first store in Taiwan, Taipei 101, opened with a new look. The two-story 500-square-meter shopping space uses the concept of an art gallery to create a brighter, simpler and more spacious shopping space. Equipped with an innovative retail technology integration system, it welcomes fashion lovers with a brand-new interactive situation.

Standalone Collection – Beauty Zone & Men’s Sports Zone

Focusing on customers and products, the soft and rounded furniture lines are matched with green plants, leading customers to browse various commodities along a comfortable and pleasant visual route. The remodeled storefront has expanded the sales area, and is distinguished by the arc-shaped display, making it easier and clearer to browse the store. Women’s clothing extends to the second floor area and adds more youthful leisure series. There are separate exhibition and sales areas on the first and second floors, including the beauty area combined with AI experience and the Athleticz men’s exclusive sports series. Since its launch last year, the Zara beauty series has received enthusiastic feedback from all over the world with its excellent appearance and texture. Over the years, the product has gradually expanded to include practical all-in-one beauty sticks, eye palettes, finger paints, brushes and more recently launched products. Foundation Collection and Beauty Eggs. The Athleticz sports series in the men’s clothing area on the second floor is separated by a handsome stainless steel exterior wall, echoing the current trend of physical fitness training, using technical fabrics to make sportswear with both function and shape, including daily jogging, yoga, ball sports and the latest Golf wear on the shelves.

First introduction of self-service technology – electronic fitting room & self-checkout counter

In order to provide store consumers with a more innovative and smooth shopping experience, Zara continues to innovate online and offline shopping integration technology. For the first time, the 101 store has added an electronic fitting room owned by very few stores in Asia. Customers can operate the entrance machine to quickly scan the number of fittings, and at the same time connect to the fitting room equipped with an induction system to detect the usage status. At the same time, the self-checkout counter, which debuted in the 101 store for the first time, provides a new shopping mode of credit card and electronic payment. Various original and convenient technological services are available for customers to use on each floor without asking or waiting in line, making the shopping process more efficient. ZARA also launched the store mode on the APP, as long as it is switched in the APP, the location of the products can be displayed through the inventory integration technology, and the fitting room can be reserved through this mode.

Fully realize the goal of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

Adhering to the group’s strategic goal of sustainable development, half of Zara’s products sold in 2022 will be the Join Life series. Whether it is the raw materials of the clothing or the production process, they all meet the commitment to environmental protection regulations. This plan is simultaneously applied to the hardware and software equipment of the stores. In addition to the use of environmentally friendly furniture and building materials, the operation systems of the stores are all connected to the headquarters central energy and water management Inergy, which can save the store’s electricity consumption by an average of 20%. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save up to 50% in water consumption. All display props and consumables used for products can be recycled. We continue to set up used clothes recycling bins in stores to help consumers donate recycled clothes to Eden Social Welfare Foundation. The brand will also gradually move towards the goal of zero pollution in the future.

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