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Sitting on the green belt, business district, and school district, Taichung Park Road is super eye-catching | TaiwanHot

Yude Garden Road connects the Natural Science Museum and Zhongzheng Park, with more than 40,000 square meters of green space.

Taichung’s housing prices are rising, and even emerging rezoning areas that are still in the development stage cannot escape the fate of high housing prices. In view of this, developers return to the old urban areas with mature functions to push the case. Among them, the North District has become the focus of developers’ proposals this year due to its advantages in green belts, business districts, and school districts, and even some construction projects have presented “First Row of Park Roads”, “International-Class Construction Teams”, “All-aged Construction Teams” “Life Circle” and other selling points, attracting the attention of home buyers.

Taichung North District was developed early and has a large number of people, so it has mature life functions. Taking the hospital affiliated to China Medical University in the district as an example, more than 7,000 patients or their family members enter and leave every day, excluding the medical staff and students in the hospital. It has also gradually merged into a major gold business district in the local area.

In addition, the “Science and Technology Museum Business District” on the west side is also another key business district in the North District. With the National Natural Science Museum and the Botanical Garden as the core of development, there are many cultural and creative attractions and specialty restaurants around, and there are many art and cultural activities held here on weekends. Guangsan SOGO Department Store, Jindian Hotel, Qinmei Eslite, Civic Plaza, and Caowudao are closely integrated to form a lively business district with complete life functions.

The northern district of Taichung gathers a large number of people, and Zhongyou Department Store is the local gold business district.

In addition to commercial functions, green belt resources are also an important factor in the livability of the North District. The Yude Garden Road in the district runs from Xueshi Road to Boguan Road, and the two ends of the garden road connect the Natural Science Museum and Zhongzheng Park respectively. The adjacent Botanical Garden has more than 40,000 pings of green space, which is one of the best residential areas in Taichung.

In fact, the most irreplaceable advantage of the North District is its abundant educational resources; the surrounding area is full of famous schools with a long history and a prosperous style of study, such as: Star High School Taichung No. China Medical University, a famous index school, as well as Taichung University of Science and Technology and Taiwan University of Sports and Sports, which have produced many talents, have superior humanistic quality in the region and have a strong cultural and educational atmosphere.

Although the quality of living in the North District is good and the elites are highly nominated, due to the early development of the area and the scarcity of the hinterland, there are few large-scale proposals. In view of this, Dali Construction, a listed builder, also brought more experience acquired in the north to Taichung North District, and integrated the base of about 833 pings in the first row of Yude Park Road. After more than 2 years of preparation, it finally made its public debut a few days ago.

Dali Yecui is a 26-story building on the ground, and will be a regional landmark building after completion.

Dali Yecui is a 26-story building on the ground, and will be a regional landmark building after completion.

“Dali Yecui” is located at the intersection of Yude Road and Shangde Street. It is a building with 26 floors above ground and 7 floors underground. The product is planned to have 2 to 4 rooms and 24 to 45 pings, with a total of 354 households. Due to the Zhongqing Road belt in the North District, the building has a maximum of 24 floors, which means that after the completion of “Dali Yecui”, it will be a regional landmark building.

The North District is rich in life functions and has a good street profile. It is a high-end residential settlement in Central Taiwan, especially on both sides of Yuandao. However, if you look closely at the old houses and new old houses around the park road, all of them are planned for Zhongda Pingshu products. It is speculated that new developers want to use product differentiation to attack the first-time purchase market of elites, and small and medium-sized Pingshu products not only reduce the mortgage of home buyers. The burden also makes up for the vacuum zone of the West District and North District, which used to be the construction projects of Zhongda Ping Shu.

The artificial island in the Arabian Gulf of Dubai is one of the representative works of the international architectural team PTW.

The artificial island in the Arabian Gulf of Dubai is one of the representative works of the international architectural team PTW.

Although the threshold for buying a house is relatively close to the people, “Dali Yecui” has generously invited PTW, an international architectural team, to do the work. From the 3D simulation map, it can be seen that the modern building appearance is intertwined with metal and glass curtains, symbolizing bamboo as the body and echoing The natural atmosphere of Green Parkway. The representative works of the PTW architectural team are famous all over the world, such as the well-known Palm Island in Dubai and Beijing Water Cube, which are from PTW architectural planning.

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