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Shuangxi District of New Taipei City is the intersection of Mudan River and Pinglin River. It was an important post for land and water transportation in the early days. It was also an important relay station from New Taipei to Yilan in the past. Not only that, the “Shuangtai Industrial Road”, which is popular among climbers and cyclists, is known as the “Cherry Blossom Avenue” in New Taipei due to the planting of a large number of cherry blossoms along the road. It is also the most popular scenic spot in Shuangxi in recent years.

▲▼”Shuangtai Industrial Road”, a large number of mountain cherry trees are planted along the road, known as the “Sakura Avenue” in New Taipei. In spring and summer, a variety of rhododendrons compete for beauty. (Picture / Cut from the video)

The Agriculture Bureau of the New Taipei City Government stated that the Shuangtai Industrial Road is between Shuangxi District and Taipingli, New Taipei City. The slopes are gentle and the scenery is pleasant. There are green trees and flowering plants along the way. In addition to the romance, in autumn, you can see the mountains and valleys full of awns like fine snow. Other flowers such as rhododendrons, hydrangea and other flowers are also competing here, and you can see different beautiful scenery throughout the year. ‘s favorite. In addition to the nearby cultural sites, trails, scenic platforms and other attractions, Shuangtai Industrial Road is also called “Shuangxi Landscape Corridor”.

Sungai Old Street business district still retains some historical sites. (Picture / Cut from the video)

▲Shuangxi Old Street business district still retains some historical sites. (Picture / Cut from the video)

The Shuangxi Old Street business district, located at the starting point of Shuangtai Industrial Road, not only serves as a supply station for the journey, but also has a strong historical atmosphere. For example, the ruins of Shuangxi ferry head, Zhoujia ancient house and old street buildings, etc., can be seen in the red brick wall and stone road, and the prosperous history of early Shuangxi can be seen.

Going up the industrial road, on the opposite side of the colorful flowers, is the ancient Queingling Road, formerly known as Dazhangling, which was the only road from Shuangxi to Taiping in the early days. Teacher, walking to this point, I saw that there is still a rugged ancient road ahead, and then I have a resignation, so I have the nickname of “Resignation Mountain”. After the highway was opened, the ancient road was abandoned because no one walked for many years. At that time, in order to facilitate mountain climbers, the government allocated funds to build it and laid cement board steps, so that tourists could walk into the mountains more easily and safely to absorb phytoncide and feel the ancient beauty.

The Qiling Mountain Trail was the main road leading to Yilan in the early days, and now it has become a hiking trail. (Picture/taken from the video)

▲Quigingling Ancient Road was the main road leading to Yilan in the early days, and now it has become a hiking trail. (Picture/taken from the video)

Below the abandoned Taiping Elementary School campus are the early Taiping clinic and Taiping police station. Although the clinic is no longer in use, the Taiping police station is still stationed by police. At the same time, the iron horse station of “Taiping Station” is also added for cyclists. Serve. The childlike map of Shuangxi along the way also allows cyclists to ride here, enjoy the flowers and the scenery, and have no worries.

The unmanned

▲The unmanned “Conscience Store” has neatly arranged agricultural products, which are colorful and attract tourists to stop. (Picture / Cut from the video)

Occasionally there are “conscience shops” on both sides of the road. Unmanned small stalls sell local farmers’ seasonal agricultural products, bananas, ginger, pumpkins, fungus, eggs, etc. Passing travelers see their favorite products and invest their own money according to the listed price. Can be taken home. The neatly arranged crops and the travelers who stop in front of the store form a special scene on the “Shuangtai Industrial Road”.

Climb up to the

▲Climb up to the “Lanping Qianli” viewing platform, and have a panoramic view of the nearby mountains and waters. (Picture / Cut from the video)

The condescending “Lanping Qianli” viewing platform is named after the nearby place names Dingzilankeng and Daping. , when the weather is fine, you can also overlook the coastal area in the northeast corner and even the Pacific Ocean, and have a panoramic view of the mountains and waters in a radius of hundreds of miles.

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