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New Taipei Council’s Chief Municipal Commissioner focuses on Yingge Railway’s three-dimensional and dynamic health policy issues | TaiwanHot

Mr. Wong Wing-cheong is concerned about the three-dimensional project planning of Yingge Railway

The New Taipei City Council held a general municipal inquiry this morning (23),Huang Yongchang,Hong Jiajun,Cai Jiantang, Song Mingzong,Liu Zhezhang et alMPs, care separatelyThe three-dimensional Yingge Railway, the parking demand of the Three Gorges Old Street, the safe and friendly environment of the sidewalk, the MRT Wanda Shulin Line Station Plan, the New Taipei Citysports health policy, campus drug control, ecological protection andQuestions related to the drinking water rights and interests of 6 million citizens in Shuangbei.

Huang YongchangThe councilor is concerned about the three-dimensional project planning of the Yingge Railway and suggested that the city government improve the safety of the East-Yingge level crossing. The MRT Bureau stated that there are currently 3 or 4 plans for the three-dimensional Yingge Railway, but the location is a little far from the old station, and It involves the development of land for the Taiwan Railway and the branch line of the military railway, so three parties need to negotiate to consider the feasibility; Hou Youyi said that the current level crossing is out of date, and the city government will discuss with the relevant land use units to make long-term planning with a new type of plan.

Regarding the MRT Xinbei Shulin Line station plan,

Huang Yongchang suggested adding an entrance and exit on Yanhe Road. Hou Youyi said that the LG09 station located at the intersection of Yanhe Road has a large population, and the city government has planned to use the sidewalk on the side of Jincheng Road as the entrance and exit; the MRT Bureau explained that the north side entrance and exit of LG09 Station will be planned, and the sidewalk on Jincheng Road will be used to add it. The entrance and exit have been included in the post-bid expansion clause of the project, and will be dealt with by changing the design method after the contract is issued; in response to the surrounding traffic congestion, the Transportation Bureau stated that a large-scale traffic diversion strategy will be adopted, and the relevant urban plan changes have also been submitted to the Internal Affairs Bureau. Ministry, the city will reconsider whether to open up other alternative roads.

Regarding the holiday parking demand around Sanxia Old Street, Mr. Huang Yongchang suggested to plan a three-dimensional parking lot around Changfu Bridge to drive the sightseeing of Sanxia Old Street. Hou Youyi said that the parking demand of Sanxia Old Street is mainly on holidays. After the completion of the relevant urban plan, the city government will include the needs of social welfare units such as public trusts and Rizhao centers, and consider whether to set up a parking lot. The Transportation Bureau pointed out that the city government has been tracking the parking demand in the Three Gorges area for a long time. Due to the lack of strong demand on weekdays and the recent rise in prices, it may be difficult to implement financially. It is hoped that the central government can inject relevant resources, and the urban plan will also make corresponding planning adjustments. .

Mr. Hong Jiajun is concerned about the promotion of the new Bei Dong Health 3.0 policy, and suggested that the new Bei Dong Health platform should be promoted by means of filming and youth creativity by combining the strengths of the city government bureaus, silver hair clubs, medical clinics, community groups, and NGOs. Hou Youyi pointed out that the number of members of the Xinbei Dynamic Health APP has exceeded 420,000, and it is gradually introducing dynamic health into the community. It is hoped that more people can manage their own health independently. In the future, the “Dong Health” policy will continue to be promoted and upgraded; the Health Bureau stated that, The city government has cooperated with medical institutions. Currently, 45 medical institutions have provided exercise prescriptions. At the same time, two sports university towns have been set up in Taipei University and St. John’s University of Science and Technology to encourage the elderly to “exercise health” in various ways.

On the issue of drug hazards, Hong Jiajun

Councillors suggested that the New Taipei Campus Link APP be used as an anti-drug tool on campus. Mayor Hou emphasized that it is very meaningful to set up an anti-drug area in the Campus Link APP, and the city government will make every effort to promote it. To set up QA questions and answers, in addition to making students aware of drugs, it is also necessary to prevent drugs from getting on the body and protect the physical and mental health of students in New Taipei City.

Cai JiantangMembers are concerned about the improvement of the sidewalk environment,Hou Youyi pointed out that the construction and maintenance of a human-friendly environment is the key task of New Taipei City. In recent years, the city government has actively communicated with Taipower. The city’s cable underground has completed nearly 10,000 kilometers.

Regarding the repair of the sidewalks of the base retreat, the Public Works Bureau explained that the city government provides the base retreat sidewalk volume reward, and the blocks within the base are still managed by the community after the retreat. The meeting must be strictly implemented in accordance with the maintenance and management regulations.

In addition, Mr. Liu Zhezhang focused on the issues of ecological protection and indiscriminate fishing. Hou Youyi immediately instructed the Secretary of Agriculture to cooperate with the handling, and pointed out that if the Wulai Nanshi Stream was cut off, the drinking water rights and interests of the 6 million citizens in Shuangbei would be seriously damaged. The issue requires Mayor Hou and the Director of Water Resources to pay attention to checking.

Special report on housing disputes

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