Behind the scenes of the news / Tainan speaker bribery case enters the deep water area “Someone broke the whole plan” into a breach

Behind the scenes of the news / Tainan speaker bribery case enters the deep water area “Someone broke the whole plan” into a breach

(Reporter Xin Qisong/Tainan Report) The bribery case of the chairman and vice-chairman of Tainan City continued to spread. Although the investigation refused to disclose the details of the case because “the investigation is not open”, it was revealed that on the 22nd of last month, Lin Shijie, chairman of the Tainan District Fisheries Association, and Huang Yiping, a close friend of Li Wenjun, visited Fang Yifeng, a member of the Xigang District, “warned” and “broke the whole plan” and became the key evidence for the detention of Guo Zaiqin and others; Offensive and defensive, Huang Lizhao was taken into custody after the second interrogation, and Yang Zhiqiang’s appeal was revoked, which shows that the investigation of the case has gradually entered the deep water area.

According to the relevant books of the Tainan District Court and the Tainan District Prosecutor’s Office, the investigation and investigation of the bribery case of the chairman and vice-chairman is mainly based on “Article 100, Item 1 of the Election and Recall Law, jointly electing the chairman of the municipal assembly, and pleading guilty to those who have the right to vote” and “Article 142 of the Criminal Law is the crime of obstructing the freedom of voting, using violence, coercion or other illegal methods to hinder others from freely exercising their statutory political election or other voting rights.”

People in the legal circles analyzed and compared past historical events. Guo Zaiqin, Lin Shijie, Huang Yiping, etc., who are currently detained and suspected of being the mastermind of the whole case, are suspected of obstructing the freedom of voting. Threatening Fang Yifeng for fear of violating the “Criminal Law” involves the crime of obstructing others’ freedom of voting by means of rape and coercion. As for the actions of councilor Huang Lizhao and others, they have violated Article 100, Item 1 of the “Election and Revocation Law”. contract, delivery of bribes or other improper benefits.

It is understood that after Guo Zaiqin, Lin Zhizhan, Lin Shijie and Li Wenjun secretly negotiated the “Republic of China Distribution”, they planned to use “interests” to shake the position of the blue camp members. The head of the advisory group, Yang Zhiqiang, and Li Wenjun’s close female friend Huang Yiping came forward to carry out the implementation. They drove a famous car and carried cash to visit the “willing” blue camp councilors. As for the money, the name was “borrowing”.

Huang Yiping and Huang Lizhao are currently detained by the Procuratorate and Investigation Office for bribery money flow. However, the investigation believes that Yang Zhiqiang, Li Wenjun, and Li Zhenguo have reservations about the money flow. The judge rejected Yang Zhiqiang and Li Wenjun’s adjournment. He was summoned three times a day.

It is understood that Li Wenjun and Li Zhenguo reached a consensus that Huang Yiping and Li Zhenguo’s wife Gao Meixian would be their counterparts. The video footage threatened, unwilling to deliver the remaining two-thirds of the “benefits”.

According to the list of summons for investigation, members of the Blue Camp Zhang Shixian, Fang Yifeng, Li Zhenguo, Li Zhongcen, Cai Shuhui, and Lin Meiyan were targeted. Some people sternly refused and reported back to the party group. Run out of the consent letter, leave the meeting angrily


People familiar with the matter said that Yang Zhiqiang and Huang Yiping failed to lobby for “interests” when they met with Fang on the evening of December 14 last year. Lin Shijie and others believed that, judging from the friendship between Fang Yifeng and Li Wenjun, Fang’s refusal to agree was simply “toasting and refusing to eat”.

According to the analysis of legal circles, on the evening of December 22, Lin Shijie and Huang Yiping took a van to Xigang District to “warn” Fang Yifeng. It is Article 142 of the “Criminal Law” for the crime of obstructing the freedom of voting, which is punishable by imprisonment for up to five years. This article can punish attempted offenders.

Local people said: “Lin Shijie impulsively went to Sihanoukville to warn Fang Yifeng, which ruined the whole plan.” The judge dared to arrest Lin and Huang because the crimes “warned” by Lin and Huang were proven. At the same time, this also confirmed the rumors that Guo Zaiqin, Lin Zhizhan, Lin Shijie, and Li Wenjun agreed to “republic matchmaking” and used “benefits” to instigate KMT members to run ticket offices.

Cai Yuhui, secretary-general of the Kuomintang League, said that Li Wenjun was in charge of splitting the Kuomintang in the case of bribery of the chairman and deputy speaker. Exercising a promise to bribe the election, the three members of the Kuomintang, Li Wenjun, ran to vote for Qiu Lili. They had intentions, a consideration relationship, and voting behavior. The next step is to convince the judge based on the strength of the evidence held by the prosecutor.

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