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〔Reporter Huang Shuzhen/Kaohsiung Report〕The most popular restaurant recommendation for the graduation season, SKM Park Outlets Kaohsiung Caoya MRT Red Line Caoya Station direct access, the most convenient for many people to have dinner together! Many clothing brand discounts, selected teacher appreciation party projects, whether it is Bisheng employment interview clothing, MZ generation shopping indicators, professional clothing brand SKM Park Outlets Kaohsiung Caoya is the most complete, and now there is no limit on the consumption amount and the completion of designated tasks. You can also get exquisite gifts Hurry up and grab your classmates and friends to leave the most touching youthful memories together!

The first hurdle in life is to purchase clothing for a job interview, to create the best first impression, to set off professional performance, and to enhance competitiveness. Professional attire is also an important part. SKM Park Outlets Kaohsiung Caoya brings together a number of suitable workplace clothing brands, which can be easily worn out Professional favorability, good work is easy to catch! If you want to improve your immediate combat effectiveness, you can choose American classic suit brand “Brooks Brothers” for 40% off, 2 pieces for 10% off, 3 pieces for 15% off, and 4 pieces for 20% off; urban fashion women’s clothing “SO NICE” ”5/27 (Sat) Charming debut, hundreds of summer versatile fashion items 70% off, urban and casual styles can be satisfied at once; cheap clothing brand “NET” red label products 30% off 5 pieces, 3 pieces 40% off, no need Spend a lot of money to wear office-quality outfits; before 6/11 (Sun), there will also be free limited shopping gifts, personalized gifts, etc.; 50% off men’s clothing / 40% off women’s clothing from the office worker’s favorite brand “G2000”, and 3 pieces Enjoy 10% off, 20% off for 5 pieces, whether it is men’s and women’s casual wear or functional business wear, you can find the right choice. In addition, essential bags, briefcases, card holders, and ID cases for office workers can be purchased at COACH, MICHAEL KORS, and PORTER INTERNATIONAL with a minimum discount of 40% off!


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