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SUPER JUNIOR 2024 Kaohsiung Dome concert for two consecutive days, check the concert ticket information at once


SUPER JUNIOR is coming to Kaohsiung Arena to start singing! “SUPER JUNIOR FAN PARTY IN KAOHSIUNG” will be on January 27th and 28th, 2024. You must grab your tickets!

After the platter concert 13 years ago, SUPER JUNIOR will once again go to Kaohsiung to hold a FAN PARTY concert. Are the ELFs in southern Taiwan ready?

Although the members of SUPER JUNIOR each have their own activities, they also admitted that “the most fun and happiest moment is when we become SUPER JUNIOR. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for being able to create this moment with every ELF present.” He emphasized “We will be together forever!” The members predicted that there are many plans for the 19th and even 20th anniversaries, which will definitely make ELFs feel like “So SUPER JUNIOR has prepared such a gift for us.”

“SUPER JUNIOR FAN PARTY IN KAOHSIUNG” will be held at the Kaohsiung Arena on January 27th and 28th. The ticket price is NT$6,380 for the rock station area (entry as a group according to the ticket number), and NT$6,380 / 5,880 / for the seating area. 5,380 / 4,880 / 3,880 yuan (reserved seats), tickets are scheduled to go on sale at 15:00 on November 26 (Sunday) through the Tuoyuan ticketing system.


Performance time: 2024.1.27 (Saturday) 18:00 | 2024.1.28 (Sunday) 16:00

(The actual performance time is subject to the on-site announcement)

Performance location: Kaohsiung Arena

Ticket price:

Rock Station Area NT$6,380 (please enter as a group according to the serial number on the ticket)

Seating area NT $6,380 / 5,880 / 5,380 / 4,880 / 3,880 (reserved seats)

Ticket sales time: 2023.11.26 (Sunday) 15:00 Tuoyuan Ticketing System

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