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Tainan Blue Camp reveals that students who like Lai Qingde’s channel can receive 3,000 from the Social Affairs Bureau: Come and find out | 2024 General Election Outpost | Important News


Tainan City Councilor Cai Zonghao pointed out during a question today that the DPP took the lead in setting a bad example, and college students helpedLai QingdeIf you like the channel (Dcard) and complete the task, you can get a starting salary of 3,000 yuan, which is dozens of times higher than the hourly salary of 164 yuan for young people. Politics has not only entered the campus, but also posted information on the establishment of Lai Qingde’s campaign headquarters on the bulletin board of the city government. , and illegally hanging banners for the establishment of Lai Qingde’s campaign headquarters everywhere, using public tools for private use, and violating administrative neutrality.

Huang Weizhe responded that presidential and legislative candidates of all political parties must be treated equally, any illegal ones will be dismantled, and administrative neutrality must be maintained. The Social Affairs Bureau stated that the association has its own political party orientation and the government is neutral. However, the association is non-profit and will understand whether the process is for-profit, non-profit or involves solicitation.

Cai Zonghao said that Lai Qingde, as the vice president and a presidential candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party, was actually able to hang banners for the establishment of the campaign headquarters next to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, on the fences of large-scale construction projects, and on the inside boards of the Civil Affairs Bureau, ignoring According to the law, public weapons are used for private use, and there is no administrative neutrality. Please understand that Tainan is not your home, and don’t take the lead and set a bad example.

Cai Zonghao said that politics should not enter the campus, but there should be no intolerance and exclusion. Many politicians from blue and green enter the campus to convey positive energy and teach children to learn the true, good and beautiful things. It is a pity that the ruling party has brought politics into the campus (Tainan City Youth Dream Team) , as long as you like it online and complete the task, you can get starting at 3,000 yuan. How can you get such a good deal? This association is registered with the Tainan City Social Affairs Bureau. Its mission is to sponsor the youth dream team with a starting price of 3,000 to sponsor college students and help “praising Lai Ching-te’s channel.” The DPP’s approach is to destroy young people’s outlook on life.

Cai Zonghao said that the Labor Standards Law stipulates that the current basic wage is 164 yuan per hour, but the Tainan City Youth Dream Team offers a starting price of 3,000 yuan. As long as college students can help Lai Qingde follow, like, leave messages, and recruit a few classmates within one hour , just got 3,000 yuan, is it so easy to make money? Is this the right value? How much money can you make by working hard and not helping Lai Qingde complete tasks by clicking likes? No wonder Taiwan’s labor shortage problem is so serious!

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Tainan Blue Camp revealed that student gangster Lai Qingde can receive 3,000 from the Social Affairs Bureau by liking his channel: We will find out more

Tainan City Councilor Cai Zonghao pointed out during a question today that the Democratic Progressive Party took the lead in setting a bad example. College students helped Lai Qingde’s channel like (Dcard), and they could receive NT$3,000 for completing the task…

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