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Tasting Views | Kaohsiung E-DA Outlet Anniversary Celebration Launches on the 24th, Kaohsiung Citizens Under 12 Years Old Park Only Costs 10 Yuan – Touch Haokang

Kaohsiung E-DA Outlet Anniversary Celebration will be launched on the 24th. Kaohsiung citizens under 12 years old will have a paradise for only NT$10 (Photo source: Provided by E-DA World)

E-DA Outlet in Kaohsiung has been open for 13 years, and the anniversary celebration will be held on November 24 (Friday). The E-DA co-branded card will give you a maximum reward of 12.3% in the first 7 days. You can also participate in weekly draws for iPhones, Marriott hotel accommodation vouchers and other gifts for 5 consecutive weeks. 11/25 (Saturday) at 2 pm in conjunction with the “KFA Kaohsiung Fashion Awards” parent-child catwalk, providing makeup, fashion photography and other experiences, allowing you to transform into a supermodel in one second. Registration is currently open; at 5 pm, Taiwan’s tallest and cutest indoor European-style Christmas tree It will be lighted up soon, and the goddess Zhang Ruofan, the king of vocals, will sing live on that day, kicking off Christmas with romantic scenery and healing songs. E-DA Amusement World simultaneously launches Kaohsiung Citizen Amusement Park, with a special discount of only NT$10 for children under 12 years old.

For this year’s anniversary celebration, E-Da Outlet, in addition to increasing the limited-time discounts on all boutiques, has the most complete range of sports and leisure brands in Taiwan, with more than 20 sports and leisure brands in Qianping. In order to seize the anniversary and New Year’s Eve business opportunities, PUMA, New Balance, Le coq Brands such as sportif, PALLADIUM, K-SWISS and other brands have expanded and remodeled to make new appearances. In addition to expanding the space to create a comprehensive and comfortable shopping environment, PUMA also comprehensively uses environmentally friendly material hangers to display products, echoing Forever Better’s environmentally friendly and sustainable concept. NIKE launches an exclusive Taiwan-wide discount of 10% off the checkout amount in the first 3 days of the anniversary celebration.

E-Da Outlet celebrates its 13th anniversary. Hundreds of boutiques offer discounts, and every day you swipe a co-branded card, you’ll receive free gifts. (Photo source: Provided by E-DA World)

In order to celebrate the 13th birthday of E-DA Outlet Mall, E-DA Amusement World simultaneously launched a Kaohsiung Citizen Amusement Park discount of 10 yuan for children under 12 years old from 11/25 (Saturday) to 12/24 (Sunday). Adults also only need 450 yuan for half price, and it is free of charge. Only available on Saturdays and Sundays, you can enjoy Taiwan’s largest indoor playground with more than 20 parent-child facilities every day for the whole month.

If you want to hear idols singing live and enjoy the dazzling fireworks up close in the sky to welcome the New Year, E-da’s 999-second New Year’s Eve Fireworks Ferris Wheel box and platform, as well as New Year’s Eve Starlight Party tickets are on sale today, and seats are limited while supplies last.

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