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The deadlock between the Blue and White coalition remains unresolved. The list of non-district legislators of the Popular Party will be announced tomorrow.


The deadlock between Blue and White has not been resolved, and staff from both sides are still negotiating. The People’s Party made it clear today that there is no “Hou Ke Pei” option. If there is a “Ke Ho Pei” option, we can work together. Chen Zhihan, spokesman for the campaign office of People’s Party presidential candidate Ke Wenzhe, said that the election meeting is discussing the People’s Party’s non-district list, and it is expected to be announced to the public tomorrow after the list is approved at noon today.

The list of non-district legislators of the Taiwan People’s Party will be announced on the 22nd. The picture shows Taiwan People’s Party Chairman Ke Wenzhe boarding a bus on October 31 to launch an election tour. (Central News Agency)

Blue and White has been stalled due to poll controversy. Ke Wenzhe has frequently visited Hon Hai founder Terry Gou to meet with him recently, which has attracted attention. Recently, there have been rumors that “Ke Guohe” and Gou recommended Lai Peixia as Ke Wenzhe’s deputy. Chen Zhihan said in a joint interview with the media in the morning that Ko Wenzhe and Terry Gou had many meetings, and the chat content was mostly about policy directions. Moreover, Terry Gou is very powerful and very willing to promote the integration and unity of the opposition. He has many ideas for achieving the 2024 political party rotation.

Chen Zhihan said that Gou Taiming did not propose non-regional seats, or recommended deputy candidates to match Ke Wenzhe; Gou Taiming wholeheartedly hopes to promote the integration of the opposition, and the People’s Party is very grateful to him.

The media asked whether Ke Wenzhe persuaded Guo Taiming to quit or invited Guo Taiming to serve as his deputy. Chen Zhihan said that they are discussing how to win the election and have a stable lead in the 2024 general election so that the people can live a good life; as for the exchange of power and various combinations, they are not the main focus of the discussion.

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