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“Expanding e-book borrowing time” will introduce reading lists selected by celebrities in November – Free Art and Literature Network


In November, the official website of the lending service launched celebrity “Readers’ Choice”, inviting Xie Zheqing, Zhu Youxun, Si Yi, personal opinions, and warm coffee to share their reading lists with readers. (Provided by the Ministry of Culture)

[Reporter Dong Baiting/Taipei Report]The Ministry of Culture and 20 county and municipal governments have jointly launched an expanded e-book lending service, hoping to cultivate readers’ digital reading habits and bring certain benefits to creators and the publishing industry. To continue to expand the digital reading population, the Ministry of Culture, together with the platform and county and municipal governments, has continued to launch selected book fairs such as celebrity “Readers’ Choice”, hoping to provide all readers with more diverse e-book choices.

The Ministry of Culture stated that in the past, due to local government budgets and the “limited amount” of e-book borrowing, by expanding the number of e-book borrowings, e-book borrowing is now “free of restrictions and waiting”. Among them, Taichung City and Tainan City among the six cities had a growth rate of more than 30% in October compared to September; Yilan County, Keelung City, Penghu County, Pingtung County, Chiayi County, Kinmen County, Nantou County, and Lianjiang County The growth rate of 8 counties and cities exceeded 50%.

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Expanding the number of users of the e-book loan service is growing day by day. The e-book platform provides readers with rich and diverse content choices through book fairs with themes such as “Business Finance”, “Life and Soul”, and “Exclusive Interviews with Staff”. (Provided by the Ministry of Culture)

The Ministry of Culture pointed out that in the two months since the “Expanded E-book Borrowing Service” was launched, the number of books and magazines on various e-book platforms has increased by 30% compared with before the policy was launched, and the number of users in October has increased compared with September. Nearly 40%, both in terms of e-book supply and usage rate, there is a growing trend. In the past, there was a “limited amount” of e-book borrowing due to local government budgets. By expanding the number of e-book borrowings, e-book borrowing is now “unlimited and free of waiting.”

In November, celebrity “readers’ selections” will be launched, including Xie Zheqing’s “Write because I see it” book list, Zhu Youxun’s “New Talent Taiwan Novel National Team”, Si Yi’s “Feel the beauty of reading, find your own rhythm”, and personal opinions “How to be the most comfortable version of yourself that is unique to you”, warm coffee, “reading coffee flavor”, etc., thematic book lists are selected from the perspectives of different professionals to facilitate readers who are using digital reading for the first time to quickly find the content they are interested in.

Various e-book platforms have also launched theme book fairs one after another, such as the Taiwan Cloud Bookstore’s “Use the Right Method to Defeat Inflation and Keep Your Money from Shrinking” Business and Financial Management Book Fair, and Lingwang’s HyRead e-book platform’s “Soul Alchemy – A Mental Gymnastics” , Away from the Busy Life” theme book exhibition, and Huayi iread ebooks have the theme of “Story Shop for Craftsmen’s Stories”, featuring exclusive interviews with craftsmen in various fields and recommending good books on the theme.

In addition, various counties and cities have also stepped up efforts to launch various digital reading promotion activities, such as New Taipei City’s “Read Now – Just Click Here if You Want” campaign, Taichung City’s “Travel in the Cloud, Read in Taichung” e-book online lending campaign, Hsinchu County and City’s “Reading Carnival – Reading Color My World”, Pingtung County’s “Cloud Reading and Traveling to the eWorld” and other activities. For more information on themed book fairs and activities, please contact the official website of unlimited EBOOKS of the Ministry of Culture. (

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