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The blue and white alliance is on the verge of breaking up. Foreign media described it as a forced marriage from the beginning.

▲Because Blue and White have different understandings of the error range of the polls, the discussion on who is the leader and who is the deputy cannot produce results, and the cooperative relationship is on the verge of collapse. (Photo/photo by reporter Zheng Menghuang)

[NOWnews今日新聞] The 2024 presidential and legislative elections will accept candidate registrations from the 20th, but the Blue and White cooperation is still stuck. There are still many variables in the plans of both parties, which may change at any time due to the progress of negotiations. The “British Broadcasting Corporation” (BBC) analyzed that the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the People’s Party was like a “shotgun wedding” (unwilling forced marriage, marriage with a son). There was disagreement over who would be the groom or the bride, resulting in the wedding not even getting underway. It ends as soon as it begins.


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