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A female employee of a hot pot restaurant was scolded and slapped three times in the rain. Witnesses reconstructed the scene: It was not the first time | Society | Sanli News Network SETN.COM


Reporter Li Yixuan/Reporting from Taipei

▲A business owner was filmed slapping a female employee three times on November 18. (Picture/taken from Facebook’s “Breaking News Commune 2”)

Bullying incidents were reported at a hot pot restaurant located in an alley of Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City. People pointed out in a Facebook post that they had witnessed the hot pot restaurant owner insulting and tampering with employees many times late at night. They passed by the hot pot restaurant late at night last week. store, I was shocked to see a female employee in the store being slapped three times by the proprietress. After the video was posted on PO, it aroused public discussion. The netizen who posted the post, surnamed Chen, said in an earlier interview that this was not the first time that the video had been filmed. In September and October, he had seen operators slapping female employees.

A netizen surnamed Chen posted a PO post on “Breaking News Commune No. 2″ and attached two videos. One is a suspected female owner of a hot pot restaurant patting a female employee on the forehead at the back door, and finally slapped her three times in the face. The other is yelling at the employee, ” “Despicable”, “Why are you so stupid”, “You are so self-righteous”, etc.

▲People said they saw female employees being insulted in the rain in August. (Picture/taken from Facebook’s “Breaking News Commune 2”)

In an earlier interview with the media, the netizen surnamed Chen further revealed that he lived nearby and had seen many scenes of bosses bullying employees and getting violent. The boss usually scolded employees for being careless and self-righteous, but from a bystander’s perspective, it felt like Fortunately; late at night on August 20, he saw an operator insulting a female employee on the street in the rain. The person who slapped the employee in the video was on November 18, but in fact, he had seen the operator slap the employee in September and October. The female employee felt very wronged and was scolded all the time on the rainy day. She also retorted during this period, but she didn’t know why she seemed to be able to accept the boss treating her like this.

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