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On the morning of the 21st, KMT Legislative Candidate for the Third District Yao Zhengyu, Zhou Hongchang from the First District, Wang Jiazhen from the Fifth District, and Chen Yixin from the Sixth District jointly completed the registration. The four of them are determined to remove the corrupt regime. Yao Zhengyu pointed out that no matter whether Blue and White are aligned or not, and no matter what the presidential election situation is, the Democratic Progressive Party cannot have a majority in Congress. If we want to check and balance the hegemonic party, the three parties of the Kuomintang must have less than a majority. To tear down Tainan’s green wall, we can only use all our strength. Let Tainan become Lai Qingde’s “fatal area”.

▲Yao Zhengyu was accompanied by city councilors for joint registration.

Yao Zhengyu was accompanied by the campaign team’s motorbike fleet and publicity vehicle from the headquarters to the Election Committee, where he met with Wang Jiazhen, Chen Yixin and Zhou Hongchang. The party’s parliamentary caucus members Cai Shuhui, Li Zhongcen, Lin Meiyan, Lu Kunfu, Cai Zonghao, Fang Yifeng, Xu Zhichun, and assemblyman Zeng Peiya Director, Deputy Chairman of the Kuomintang Municipal Party Committee Lu Yongzan, Zhuang Zhankui, Secretary General Hong Shupei and various candidate camps shouted “Frozen Garlic, Kuomintang, Hou Youyi, come on”. The scene was lively and morale was boosted.

Yao Zhengyu proposed eight major “justice” political views, including Annan District, Wealth, Social Welfare, Judicial Equality, Food Safety, Transportation, Land and Living, and Ecological Environment. He not only serves as a bridge between the central and local governments to help promote the development of Tainan, but also advocates the promotion of justice. Restore the Special Investigation Team, reorganize the NCC, introduce the Whistleblower Protection Act, and increase the penalties for crimes such as Internet fraud and Internet bullying. These are the things the DPP does not do and does not want to do. It hopes to allow blue forces such as Yao Zhengyu to enter Congress and vigorously reform , protect the people.

Yao Zhengyu’s ten important political views on justice include:

1-Annan District and North District need justice: promote healthy core garden products, improve social welfare services, and improve life functions to revitalize the development of North District; Annan District promotes transportation technology, breeding ecology, and coordinates Tainan City’s maternity subsidies, Double Ninth Festival gifts, and 65-year-old gifts The exemption of health insurance premiums for the elderly and the neighbor -elderly allowance can all be standardized by the central government.

2- Wealth must be righteous: while raising basic wages, curb excessive price increases, lower the tax system, and return wealth to the people. Re-revise the employment conditions for both employers and employees, release a public version of the labor contract for small and micro enterprises, and simplify regulations.

3- Social welfare must be just: Facing the era of declining birthrate and aging population, the government is required to reduce the burden of childcare and childbirth. Tuition and miscellaneous fees and nutritious lunches are free. Citizen sports centers, silver-haired Lohas bases, and residential long-term care centers have been set up in each district. Online medical care at home is provided so that the elderly can receive timely care at home. Residence needs to be fairly universal or old houses expropriated and converted into social housing for young people and low-income groups to have a stable place to live. We will levy hoarding tax and empty house tax, implement “rental transparency”, establish a repair counseling unit, and provide subsidies or low-interest loans.

4-Judicial equality requires justice: Restore the special investigation team, reorganize the NCC, protect freedom of speech, and give birth to the Whistleblower Protection Act. All crimes of obstruction of justice, illegal gifts, influence trading, fraud, and online bullying will be punished. Legislation is needed to severely punish and increase penalties.

5-Food safety requires justice: Imported eggs, Japanese nuclear wastewater, and the pig scandal in the United States are all due to the government’s lack of supervision mechanism. Only by strengthening legislative supervision can we reduce policy misconduct. Government officials who are found to be derelict in their duties should be punished with heavier penalties to prevent officials from protecting each other and the whole people suffering. .

6-Traffic must be fair: strict legislation, unconditional priority for pedestrians, zero tolerance for drunk driving, and central subsidies for local parking lots to ease parking problems; technological law enforcement must be tailored to local conditions, and there should be no bonuses for reporting violations to avoid treating people as cash machines.

7-Land settlement must be just: Prevent the invasion of agricultural, fishery and animal husbandry areas by land resources farms and photovoltaic industries, avoid human rights violations caused by land grabbing and land expropriation, the lease period of state-owned landmarks should not exceed fifty years, and stop the government from taking the lead in land speculation, Builders benefit. Build or expropriate old houses and convert them into social houses to provide young people and low-income groups with a stable place to live. We will levy hoarding tax and empty house tax, implement “rental transparency”, establish a repair counseling unit, and provide subsidies or low-interest loans.

8-The ecological environment must be just: Review the impact of green energy photovoltaic policies on the ecology, promote plastic reduction, reduce carbon emissions, encourage subsidies for more greening and green buildings, protect the ocean, and mitigate the climate crisis.

9-Construction must be just: avoid large and unnecessary public construction, and review projects and quality must be planned with new laws and regulations to ensure that they meet the needs of the people and are safe.

10-National development must be just: Taiwan’s north and south development must be balanced, actively promote international diplomatic relations, export Taiwanese culture, and not limit ourselves by drawing borders, let the world know that our country is the Republic of China, and our land is called Taiwan, and promote cross-strait peace and development Cross-Strait mutually beneficial economy.

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