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Zhonghe Legislator Blue and White team up to break the tie, Qiu Chenyuan registers and declares his candidacy to the end


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People’s Party legislator candidate Qiu Chenyuan completed registration in the morning and expressed his determination to run to the end, which also represented Blue and White’s victory in the Zhonghe constituency. Wu Zheng, who fought hard against Blue and White, said that he had a positive view on the election. Even more sour is the turmoil between Blue and White in the past period. It can be seen that neither the Kuomintang nor the People’s Party is ready to govern.

Legislator Qiu Chenyuan, who is seeking re-election, completed the registration accompanied by fellow legislators Lai Xiangling, Zhang Qilu, and senior student Huang Chengying. The senior student also presented a Kodak duck that resembled Ke Wenzhe to help out. Legislative candidate (Public) Qiu Chenyuan: “We will campaign to the end in the Zhonghe constituency. As for the integration of the opposition, I think in the Zhonghe constituency, we will work on our own. As for the illegal construction part, I My personal position is that administration is in accordance with the law, and the New Taipei City Government is expressing its attitude. Whether you want to vote for this candidate or this family, I think everyone should think about this issue.”

People’s Party legislative candidate Qiu Chenyuan completed registration (Photo/FTV News)

Qiu Chenyuan stated that he will vote to the end, which also means that it is difficult for Blue and White to integrate in the Zhonghe constituency. The Kuomintang is stuck in the quagmire of blue and white. On the other hand, all members of the Democratic Progressive Party came to register the day before to show their unity. Wu Zheng, the Democratic Progressive Party’s legislative candidate, swept the grassroots every day, and Wang Yichuan, the candidate for the non-district legislator, also Accompanied by him, he flirted with fellow villagers. Many people rushed to take photos with him and showed their thumbs up.

Legislative candidate (Citizen) Wu Zheng: “Why do you have a positive view on the election? Because I believe that in the past period, everyone has already seen from the turmoil between Blue and White. Whether it is the Kuomintang or the People’s Party, in fact, they are not ready to really govern. On the other hand, our Democratic Progressive Party, after Lai Xiaopei was formally formed, we will work together and we will definitely be able to fight hard. This year’s Democratic Progressive Party won the presidential election. To win, Congress must also fight for more than half of the effort.”

Qiu Chenyuan registered and expressed his candidacy, and Zhonghe constituency legislator Blue and White teamed up to break the tieQiu Chenyuan registered and expressed his candidacy, and Zhonghe constituency legislator Blue and White teamed up to break the tie

Kuomintang legislative candidate Zhang Zhilun votes (Photo/FTV News)

The Kuomintang legislative candidate Zhang Zhilun is busy demolishing illegal buildings in his house. The electoral structure of Zhonghe has always been blue than green. Jiang Yongchang broke through the siege with 53.66% of the vote in 2016. Now that Zhonghe has confirmed its triangle governor, the election campaign is lively Can be expected.

Original source: Qiu Chenyuan registered to declare his candidacy, and in the end neutralized the constituency legislators Blue and White to break the tie

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