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The second luxury residential complex under construction started by a British master has taken shape | Good news from Taiwan TaiwanHot


Double zoning of units with low density and high green coverage has become the first choice for low-key, hidden wealth.

The unit is located in the second rezoning area at the junction of Xi and Nantun. It is close to the seventh phase of the rezoning area of ​​Central Taiwan’s commercial town. With a low-density and high green coverage plan, there are green spaces everywhere in the area. It is not only a low-key and wealthy choice but also a first choice. , and more and more luxury builders are rushing in. Recently, a local builder in Taichung, in order to break the existing luxury housing framework, has teamed up with internationally renowned designer Mark Lin to bring customers a new and original luxury housing experience.

The construction of “Yuanlin Qingqi” located on the north side of Unit 2 was started at an auspicious time on November 8.

Unit 2 has been developed for 10 years. There are many luxury houses and villas in the area, as well as abundant green space resources, creating a low-key and luxurious living atmosphere. Among them, Yuanlin Construction Group, which started in the seventh phase, also unveiled its first residential project “Yuanlin Qingqi” in Unit 2 at the beginning of this year, and held a groundbreaking ceremony on November 8th at an auspicious time.

In addition to the participation of Lin Xuanyou, chairman of Yuanlin Construction Company, and other managers at all levels, Mark Lin, an internationally renowned designer responsible for the public facilities and landscape planning of the entire project, also came to the scene to hold a shovel and pray, praying for the success of the project. The atmosphere at the scene was lively and joyful.

Lin Xuanyou said at the meeting that Taichung Phase 7 has been developed for nearly 30 years, and the developable land has gradually become saturated. More first-tier luxury brands and high-end customers have turned their attention to the double zoning of adjacent units. Yuanlin Construction Group is no exception. As early as I saw the development potential of Unit 2 10 years ago. It took 7 years of integration and 3 years of planning before the birth of “Yuanlin. Qingqi”, hoping to bring a different luxury experience to the residents of Unit 2!

Yuanlin Construction Organization spent a lot of money to hire British master Mark Lin to handle the new project of Unit 2.

Yuanlin Construction Organization spent a lot of money to hire British master Mark Lin to handle the new project of Unit 2.

In fact, the second rezoning area of ​​the unit is not only adjacent to Phase 7, but also has its own prosperous business district. Daily needs can be supported by the public welfare business district and Liming business district. It is a rare emerging rezoning area located in the center of prosperity. In addition, Gongyi Road has gradually developed into a “Michelin Street”. Two of Taichung’s six star-winning restaurants are located in Unit 2. The extremely high-end living area has attracted luxury builders such as Baohui, Yuan Lin, Shuang Oak Garden, Jing Rui, Lu Fu and others rushed in.

“Yuanlin. Qingqi” created a 3.5-meter-high giant flower installation art in the front yard.

In such a fiercely competitive environment, Yuanlin Construction Agency resolutely broke away from the existing framework of contemporary luxury homes and spent heavily to hire a British master of luxury aesthetics. He is also the designer of Warner Village Roadshow Cinemas, Little West China Hotel, and famous nightclubs Frank and Barcode. Designed by teacher Mark Lintott, with “flower” as the main axis, the color science is fully utilized.

Lin Xuanyou pointed out during the meeting that from “Yuanlin Celebrity Inkstone”, “Yuanlin Corporate Headquarters” to this time “Yuanlin Qingqi”, they all show Lin Mark’s unique thinking about architecture, and his planning for details is extremely tense. and imagination. Taking this case as an example, there is no sensational appearance. Instead, it is a simple building facade, decorated with a large number of green plants, and a 3.5-meter-high giant flower installation art was created in the significantly set back front yard, depicting the fairy tale “Ellie”. “Silk Dreamland” image.


The “Yuanlin Qingqi” building has a simple facade and is decorated with a large number of green plants.

“Yuanlin. Qingqi” is adjacent to Ring Road 74 and Section 2 of Liming Road, with easy access to the city centers of Xitun and Nantun. Since its opening, it has been favored by doctors and technology park elites. In order to respond to the needs of high-end customers, “Yuanlin. Qingqi” has a large-scale planning of 46 to 56 square meters, 3-bedroom and 3+1-bedroom products. Each household enjoys lighting from three sides, a large open kitchen and a livable large balcony, where you can relax and entertain It is popular among doctors and technology industry executives for guests to enjoy tea and enjoy the scenery.

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