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Why do Taiwanese people love to go to Japan? People who have experienced this point out “4 advantages”: no one can win | TVBS | LINE TODAY

The most favorite country for Taiwanese people to go abroad is Japan. (Schematic diagram/shutterstock Dazhi Image)

Since the Taiwan-Japan border was unblocked in October last year (2022), Taiwanese people have flocked to Japan. According to statistics from the Tourism Administration from January to September this year (2023), Japan is the most popular destination for Taiwanese people going abroad, with a total of 3 million visits. In this regard, some people are curious, “Why do Taiwanese people like to go to Japan so much?” It set off a lot of netizens to draw key answers.

A netizen posted a post on “PTT” and asked directly why Taiwanese people almost always go to Japan when they say “going abroad”. I want to know whether it is the food or the culture that attracts people?

Many netizens believe that Japan’s food culture is similar to Taiwan’s, which is a major advantage. (Schematic diagram/shutterstock Dazhi Image)

As soon as the topic came up, netizens pointed out three reasons for traveling to Japan, including cheapness, close food culture, convenience for independent travel, and short journey. “You can understand a lot of things even if you just read Chinese characters. This alone is very convenient for finding the way.” , “Japan is really cheap now”, “It used to be the most recent advanced country”, “Otherwise it takes 3 hours to go anywhere, Japan and Singapore are nearby”, “Cheap and close, cultural and food acceptance is high, and transportation is convenient”, ” “It’s close, the environment is nice and fun”, “The food tastes are similar, almost indistinguishable”, “No place close can beat Japan”, “Japan’s local travel expenses have not changed, but the Japanese yen has been against the Taiwan dollar for 10 years The value has depreciated by about 40%, which means hotels are super cheap.” “Just the fact that accommodation is cheaper than in Taiwan is eye-catching.” “For Taiwanese, apart from Southeast Asia, no other country is cheaper than Japan.”

According to statistics from January to September this year (2023), about 8.42 million Taiwanese went abroad. The first destination was Japan with 3 million people, the second place was mainland China with 1.17 million people, and the third place was That’s 690,000 people in South Korea. In addition, according to statistics from the Japan Tourism Agency, from April to June this year, the total consumption of Taiwanese tourists in Japan reached 173.9 billion yen, equivalent to approximately NT$38.3 billion, ranking the top in consumption.

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