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Taoyuan Airport ranks 82nd in Skytrax, falling 69th place in just 4 years – Life – Liberty Times e-newsletter

Taoyuan Airport ranks 82nd in Skytrax, falling 69th place in just 4 years – Life – Liberty Times e-newsletter
Taoyuan Airport ranks 82nd in Skytrax, falling 69th place in just 4 years – Life – Liberty Times e-newsletter

Taoyuan Airport’s Skytrax ranking went from 13th place in 108 to 82nd in 2012, a drop of 69 places in just 4 years. (Photo by reporter Yao Jiexiu)

[Reporter Yao Jiexiu/Taoyuan Airport Report]Taoyuan Airport dropped 69 places in the Skytrax ranking from 13th in 108 to 82nd in 112 in just 4 years. Among them, the African swine fever hand inspection station is the biggest culprit, especially Nowadays, the number of passengers is increasing rapidly, and the swine fever hand inspection station has become a nightmare for passengers. If Taoyuan Airport does nothing to deal with the swine fever inspection station, it is possible that 100 passengers will be dropped in 2013. According to statistics, from January to October 2012, customs seized passengers carrying pork into the country. There were 186 people and 214 kilograms in non-epidemic areas (without hand inspection stations), and 397 people and 499 kilograms in epidemic areas (after passing hand inspection stations).

It is understood that Taiwan is the only airport in the world that has set up pork checkpoints during the customs clearance process. Wang Guoan, chairman of the Taoyuan Airport Federation, also pointed out that airports around the world are returning to normal after the epidemic, and our Taoyuan Airport should also be in line with international standards. , he also mentioned that foreign tourists cannot understand why there is such a facility at the international airport, and it is a targeted inspection. Many countries in the world do not allow meat or plants to enter, but it will never hinder the flow of people entering the country. This approach is very inhumane and backward.

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According to the survey, since 2010, entry-level African swine fever hand inspection stations have been hired by external security assistants. Nearly 170 million has been spent on border inspections at Taoyuan Airport every year, of which more than 62 million and 100 million have been contracted by anti-quarantine assistants. The Taoyuan Airport Anti-epidemic Cooperative Security Guard contracted for manpower and the cost of cleaning, transporting and destroying quarantine items.

However, the irony is that the “very important” hand inspection stations often do not have officials from the Public Security Bureau present, and all inspections are done by outsourced security. Most importantly, these security personnel’s inspection of passengers’ hand luggage has “no basis in law” and is basically unfounded. We have no right to search passengers’ luggage, because this hand-check station only has the power of “administrative guidance”. Passengers have every right to refuse inspection, not to mention that passengers’ hand luggage involves privacy. Many passengers reported to Taoyuan Airport Company that the inspectors ” “Rifling through boxes and cabinets”, some personal belongings were clearly seen by the passengers before and after, which made me feel very uncomfortable and not respected. Moreover, it was only for tourists from epidemic-affected countries, and I felt like I was being discriminated against.

Some airlines also pointed out that African swine fever only affects pigs after all. Taoyuan Airport has implemented a manual inspection station for African swine fever for incoming passengers for many years. Many foreign passengers already know that serious fines will be imposed if pork is seized from Taiwan. The country spends nearly 200 million every year just to make tourists throw away pork products? It’s really a waste of national public funds. A senior Taoyuan Airport personnel also said that progressive international airports in democratic countries should treat every incoming passenger as a good person and filter out the bad ones among the good people, instead of treating every passenger coming to Taiwan from an epidemic area as a bad person and filter out the good people.

The number of passengers at Taoyuan Airport will exceed 34 million by the end of the year. Unexpectedly, the annual budget of the National Defense Inspection Agency in 2013 has increased from more than 1.4 billion to more than 1.6 billion. The cost of the African swine fever hand inspection station at the airport has exceeded 200 million. International passengers should understand the local area when going to other countries. According to the regulations, you can scan the barcode and declare honestly. If you are seized by the customs, you will be severely fined and may even be included in the subject of strict inspection at the next entry. If you have a bad attitude, you will be directly refused entry. This is also the norm at other international airports.

Preventing African swine fever is not effective just by checking in at the airport. Since food waste may be the route of infection, domestic pig farmers should be required to be more strict in the use of pig feed. Since these pigs are only the livelihood of pig farmers, the regulations on the use of food waste should be There should be strict standards instead of sacrificing the rights of passengers at international airports to protect the rights of domestic pig farmers who do not comply with regulations.

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