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Using love positioning and police assistance, the old baby’s security system is in place | Fan News

Using love positioning and police assistance, the old baby’s security system is in place | Fan News
Using love positioning and police assistance, the old baby’s security system is in place | Fan News

[ReporterHongMingjun/Taichung Report]

A 77-year-old mother-in-law named Tsai in Taichung went out for morning exercise a few days ago and failed to return home. Her family members couldn’t find her, so they rushed to the police station for help. The police learned that her mother-in-law was wearing a necklace that could be located, and immediately accompanied her family to the location. After searching around the area and judging by rules of thumb, we successfully found the mother-in-law named Cai who was resting after being tired from walking in a nearby park, and helped reunite their family.

When Police Officer Jiang Baisong of the Eastern District Station of the Third Branch of the Taichung City Government Police Station was preparing for duty at the station at about 9:30 a few days ago, a 53-year-old woman surnamed Chen ran anxiously into the police station for help. After careful questioning by the police officer, it turned out that she was 77 years old. My mother-in-law went out at around 6 a.m. and did not return home. Because her mother-in-law has dementia and has been lost in the past, her family specially prepared an anti-lost locating necklace for her in case of emergencies. However, she could not wait for her return in the morning. After returning home, they checked the location and found that she was in the East District, which is some distance away from Taiping’s home. The whole family went to search nearby but found no trace of her mother-in-law, so they had to seek help from the police in the jurisdiction who were most familiar with the environment. The police immediately accompanied Ms. Chen to the scene and started the search separately. The police checked the nearby alleys one by one. Although they found nothing, they were not discouraged. He guessed that the mother-in-law was older and based on experience, she would be physically overwhelmed if she walked for too long. At that time, I should be looking for a shady place to rest, so I locked the Dongying Park near the anchor point and entered to search. Sure enough, I found my mother-in-law in the park not long after.

Ms. Chen was notified and rushed to check. She was relieved to see that her mother-in-law was safe and sound. When her mother-in-law saw a familiar family member, she smiled and asked her daughter-in-law, “Why did you come here?” She said, I wanted to walk for exercise in the morning while it was not so hot yet, but I accidentally got lost. After going around for a long time, I couldn’t find my way home. I finally found a park where I could rest in the shade. After hearing what my mother-in-law described, Chen was so excited. I continue to thank the police officers for actively entering the park to search for them, so that they can successfully reunite their family.

The police appeal to people who have relatives at home who are at risk of getting lost or elders with dementia to ask their family members to carry information that they can help find, or apply to wear anti-lost bracelets or necklaces. They can also take their family members who are at risk of getting lost to the investigation teams of various branches. Apply for fingerprint fingerprinting to create a file. If the police receives a report, they can immediately identify the person and help him return home. And if you find people on the streets who are suspected of needing assistance, please don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand and notify the police to arrive so that they can return to their families safely.

▲Caption: Police officers from the Eastern District Station of the Third Precinct found the lost mother-in-law named Tsai in Dongying Park (Photo/Provided by Taichung City Government)

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