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Taoyuan Yuanbai x Laixin Foundation “100% Christmas Wish Collection” charity event invites the public to donate children’s wishes | Fan News

▲Taoyuan Yuanbai invites the public to join in charity work. This year, it is cooperating with the Lai Hsin Foundation to hold the “100% Christmas Wish Collection”. Donate children’s Christmas wishes at the planting wall on the B1 floor before December 13 (Wednesday) and you will receive gifts. 50 HAPPY GO points (can be accumulated). (Photo/Provided by Taoyuan Yuanbai)

[Reporter Luo Weizhou/Taoyuan Report]
Taoyuan Far 100’s “Thanksgiving Feedback” event will be held from November 23rd (Thursday) to November 30th (Thursday), with an exclusive discount for APP members. A total of 350 e-vouchers will be given for a total of 5,000 for women’s/men’s/children’s clothing and household items on the same day. , the time to buy winter clothes, winter quilts, and thermal storage products is now! In addition, Taoyuan Parkview Mall welcomes the arrival of Christmas. From now until December 13 (Wednesday), it will join hands with the Lai Hsin Foundation to hold the “100% Christmas Wish Collection” charity event, inviting the public to come true with children’s wishes.

▲In preparation for the cold winter, Meng Tejiao on the 11th floor of Yuanbai, Taoyuan launched the “Warm Heating Wool Quilt 6×7” at a special price of 2,280 yuan (original price 10,800 yuan), and you can take it home with a 20% discount. (Photo/Provided by Taoyuan Yuanbai)

█Warm products with up to 20% off to resist the cold winter and warm yourself with a quilt
With the arrival of the air-conditioning relay, the demand for cold-warming products has greatly increased. Taoyuan Mart has launched ultra-low thermal insulation prices to give back to the public. The first recommendation is Meng Tejiao’s “Warm Heating Wool Quilt 6*7” from 11th Floor, which is on sale for 2,280 yuan (original price: 10,800 yuan), with a 20% discount; Royal Feather Workshop’s “100% five-star down winter quilt” is on sale for 3,999 yuan (original price: 16,800 yuan); deeply loved Graphene, a material loved by the public, is a must-buy item in winter. Peter Rabbit’s “120th Anniversary Graphene Wool Quilt” is on sale for 3,980 yuan (original price: 16,000 yuan); Bedroom Story’s “Graphene Energy Winter Quilt” is on sale for 1,980 yuan (original price: 8,800 yuan) Yuan), providing ultimate warmth in winter.

▲Bedroom Story “Graphene Energy Winter Quilt” on the 11th floor of Taoyuan Yuanbai is on sale for NT$1,980 (original price is NT$8,800). (Photo/Provided by Taoyuan Yuanbai)

█Warm and “warm” sentiments to help hundreds of children with their Christmas wishes
The Lixin Foundation mainly provides services for teenage girls, domestic violence, gender violence and other projects. Every year, it helps nearly 20,000 survivors escape the impact of violence and start a “new” life. Taoyuan Far 100 will jointly organize the “100% Christmas Wish Collection” with the Lai Hsin Foundation this year. From now until December 13 (Wednesday), the Christmas wishes of hundreds of children will be donated to the planting wall on the B1 floor. December 15 (Friday) Return the gift to the customer service center on the 11th floor before the event, and you will receive 50 HAPPY GO points (can be accumulated). If you donate three or more gifts, you will receive an additional 100 HAPPY GO points to help children survive together. An unforgettable Christmas.

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