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Stranger Things 4’s new character Jamie Campbell Bower!Twilight Harry Potter has him

Is the first series of “Stranger Things 4” finished? In addition to being called the darkest season, the debut of new actor Jamie Campbell Bower is definitely a highlight of this season.

Some of the plots of “Stranger Things 4” are mentioned below. If you haven’t seen it, please read it carefully.

Jamie Campbell Bower debuted in “Stranger Things 4”, playing the role of Elaine’s caretaker, just when we thought so, but revealed his true identity, he is actually the season’s villain “Vicona” “(Vecna), before that, he was the super-child “No. 1” in Hawkins Lab.

We won’t say much about the plot development of “Stranger Things 4”, but who is Jamie Campbell Bower, let’s get to know each other now.

“Twilight”, “Harry Potter” series have him

Jamie Campbell Bower, 33, has been in the Twilight Saga in the past, playing Caius, a pale, blond member of the vampire Foduri family, whose good looks have made him much-discussed. In addition, he also played the young version of “Grindelwald” in “Harry Potter: The Relic of Death I”, and also played the role in “Monster and the Crimes of Grindelwald”.

“Angel Relic: City of Bones” opens up popularity

Speaking of Jamie Campbell Bower’s masterpiece, it must be “Angel Relic: City of Bones” in 2013. He played “Shadow Hunter” Jess in the film. His gloomy and handsome appearance has become the dream of girls. One, and he also acted in this film, and the heroine Lily Collins Lily Collins fake drama.

Engaged to Ginny from Harry Potter

Due to the performance of “Harry Potter”, Jamie Campbell Bower and Bonnie Wright who played “Ginny Wesley” fell in love at first sight. The two fell in love with each other. They started dating in 2010 and announced their engagement the following year. , the two called off their engagement in 2012.

Photo / Marie Claire UK
Photo / Marie Claire UK

former lead singer of a rock band

Jamie Campbell Bower, whose parents both worked in the music industry, may have also developed his taste for music. Between 2015 and 2020, he was the lead singer of the British rock band Counterfeit, releasing his first album in 2017, Disbanded in 2020, but he did not give up the path of music, and has successively launched personal music creations.

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