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Fan Bingbing’s new film “Green Night” was shortlisted for the Berlin Film Festival (00:04) – 20230119 – SHOWBIZ

Fan Bingbing’s new film “Green Night” was shortlisted for the Berlin Film Festival (00:04) – 20230119 – SHOWBIZ
Fan Bingbing’s new film “Green Night” was shortlisted for the Berlin Film Festival (00:04) – 20230119 – SHOWBIZ

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Article date: January 19, 2023

The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival will be held from February 16th to 26th. The conference announced today a partial list of shortlisted candidates. “Green Night” directed by Shuai Han from “Summer in Hannan” was shortlisted for the panorama section and will have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. Starring mainland actress Fan Bingbing and Korean actress Lee Joo-young of “Children’s Transfer Station”, the film tells the story of two desperate and lonely women who, in order to escape their useless husbands, support each other and break into the world of gangsters in Seoul. According to the website of the Berlin International Film Festival, “Green Night” was produced in Hong Kong, China, and filmed in South Korea.

Female director Han Shuai’s debut feature film “Hannan Summer” won the Best Film Award at the 71st Berlin International Film Festival New Generation Children’s Section two years ago.

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