Those who enter to watch “Little Fish Fairy” are all watching “Ursula”! Melissa McCarthy More Expected Than Halle Bailey

Those who enter to watch “Little Fish Fairy” are all watching “Ursula”! Melissa McCarthy More Expected Than Halle Bailey

In the classic Disney cartoon “The Little Mermaid”, “Ursula” (Ursula) is a self-interested villain character, but unlike Andersen’s original novel, in the end, evil people get evil. Logically speaking, this type of villain should make the audience hate to the point of gnashing their teeth, but this time the live-action movie “Little Mermaid”, starring Melissa McCarthy as Ursula, made everyone want to come in to see this sexy comedian, maybe Can contribute more to the box office than the controversial Halle Bailey!

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Ursula in the cartoon version of “Little Mermaid” is hateful because she wants to pursue “both money and sex”. Knowing that the mermaid princess longs for legs, and her most precious thing is her moving singing voice, she offers an exchange: as long as the mermaid princess is willing to surrender her voice, she can get human legs and swim to the surface to meet the prince she fell in love with at first sight. But later, Ursula turned into a beautiful woman and appeared in front of the prince. She had the voice of a mermaid princess and could almost successfully confuse the prince to marry her. Disney’s live-action movies in recent years have always tended to have no “real villain”. Before every villain turns bad, they are all kind and innocent people, and they don’t turn bad until they are deceived or hurt. The story design performed by Melissa McCarthy this time, it is unknown whether it will pave the way for the characters, and it is not sure whether it will follow the same path, which is curious.

入場看《小魚仙》的都是看 x00300c;烏蘇拉」!比 # x007684;Melissa McCarthy

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If Ursula’s makeup is removed, it is really hard to see that Melissa McCarthy is 52 years old this year, and she has a lot of backgrounds. In addition to being an actress, she is also a writer, producer, and fashion designer. Growing up in a Catholic family, he began to show smiles all over the United States in the 1990s, and also began to step into TV dramas and movies in the late 1990s. The most impressive works include “Detective Pretty Girl”, ” Hottest Bridesmaids” and “Madam” etc. Her proficiency in comedy has brought her a series of awards and nominations. With “Bridesmaids” she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, and “Madam” won the Golden Globe Award for Best Music and Comedy Film She was nominated for the leading actress, and her 2018 work “The Big Old Writer” made her nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress for the first time. Comedy shows are a hit, and in 2015, she was even named the third highest-paid actress in the world by Forbes.

Many people who are willing to buy tickets to watch “Little Mermaid” are to watch Melissa McCarthy. See how she washes off the sense of humor that has been built up for nearly thirty years and sticks to her skin, and becomes an evil and calculating sea witch in a blink of an eye. For her, and for her friends who have watched her performances for many years, this set of newly painted works must be completely different from other works in her acting career. But she will not forget her job, and even cherish her funny talent: “Comedy brings people together through self-deprecating, comedy can make you sit next to people who think differently, I think this is what I should do in this world I don’t know how to clean up ocean litter, or stop violent tendencies, but I want to give people who are having a bad day, a half-hour to go into a different world where bills or disease aren’t their top concern things. It’s the only skill I have, so I have to keep working on it.”

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Q: What is the release date of “Little Fish Fairy”?

A: “Little Fish Fairy” will be released on May 25th… Click here for details

Q: Who will play Ursula in the live-action version of “Little Fish Fairy”?

A: Melissa McCarthy as the live-action Ursula… Click here for details

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《 小 魚 仙 》 Halle Bailey 有 別 於 傳 統 ; 尼公主?真人版演員誰和原 x008457;最相似?

《 小 魚 仙 》 Halle Bailey 有 別 於 傳 統 ; 尼公主?真人版演員誰和原 x008457;最相似?

“Little Mermaid” Halle Bailey is different from the traditional Disney princess? Who is the live-action actor most similar to the original?

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