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Terry Gou co-signed the website opening and Huang Shixiu called on the blue camp not to operate and let it go – News – Rti China Central Radio


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  • Time: 2023-09-18 11:24

  • News Quote: Interview
  • Writing Editor: Lin Yongqing
Huang Shixiu, spokesman for the Guo Office. (File photo/Central News Agency)

Hon Hai Group founder Terry Gou and his partner Lai Peixia have submitted joint applications for the presidential and vice-presidential elections to the Central Election Commission. In response to media reports, some people in the blue camp claimed that the Kuomintang no longer cares about whether Terry Gou is registered as a candidate. Huang Shixiu, spokesman for the Guo Office, stressed today (18th) that the Kuomintang should focus on supervising the DPP, rather than operating or making lies. Attack Terry Gou, Ko Wenzhe and Lai Peixia.

Hon Hai Group founder Terry Gou and artist Lai Peixia officially partnered in the presidential and vice-presidential elections. On the 18th, Guo Ban also announced the opening of the Taipei Joint Signature Station, located in the East District business district of Taipei. Chen Jiayi, the new spokesperson of the Guo Office and a former anchor of Taiwan TV, said that in the future, various counties and cities will gradually open joint signing sites, and the location will be prioritized for transportation convenience.

In response to media reports, after Terry Gou and Lai Peixia registered as co-signatories for the president and vice president, a KMT party insider believed that whether Director Guo finally registered as a candidate was of little concern to the KMT. Huang Shixiu responded that the Kuomintang said so, but everyone knew how much it had done during this period. He further urged the KMT to focus on supervising the DPP. He said: “(Original sound) The Kuomintang should focus its greatest energy on supervising the Democratic Progressive Party and strive to realize the change of power, instead of putting a lot of energy on operations and spreading words to attack Terry Gou, Ko Wenzhe or Lai Peixia. . 』

In response to the possibility that “psychological counselor” Lai Peixia violated the “Psychologists Act”, the Taipei City Health Bureau stated last night that there was no illegality in the initial verdict, but the relevant information on the website may easily mislead the public. Huang Shixiu also emphasized that the Health Bureau should mean to investigate as soon as it receives a report, but as far as he knows, no one has made a report so far.

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