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Lisa took a photo with sister Jisoo, GD came to watch Jennie’s performance: Fun facts about BLACKPINK’s Seoul concert, it was really dramatic


After the contract between BLACKPINK and YG expired, the trend attracted attention. However, no matter what the four members will do in the future, everyone can feel their love for their fans. At the final concert held in Seoul last weekend, it happened There are many unforgettable anecdotes, including GD not shying away from going to the show.

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1. Jennie cried several times, and Lisa also shed tears.

Since the contracts of the four BLACKPINK members have not yet been negotiated, it is believed that the final concert in Seoul may be the last time the group reunites. The members must also feel the pressure. Although Jennie has been moved to tears at concerts in the past, this time she was also moved to tears. I couldn’t help crying several times, even to the point where I couldn’t sing, which shows that I have complicated emotions in my heart.

In fact, not only Jennie cried, but even Lisa couldn’t hold back her tears. As soon as the scene of them crying appeared, Blink also had a sore nose.

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2. Jennie gave an emotional speech. Thank you for your hard work.

Born Pink has been touring for nearly a year, and the contract has expired.In her final speech, Jennie said emotionally: “First of all, I want to tell the members that it’s been really hard. Although it’s only been a year, it’s been a really busy year for us, spending a lot of time on the plane. , just like my sister said, the four of us can reach this point together in good health and with a heart to support each other.Finally, I want to say to the members that they have worked really hard. “

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3. GD never missed the concert and supported his ex-girlfriend with actions

There are many big stars coming to the concert this time, including Lee Je-hoon, Hyeri, Kong Hyo-jin, Kim Go-eun, and Taeyang! But the most surprising thing was the appearance of “Best Ex-Boyfriend” GD. He did not shy away from being made a big deal about, and personally drove Lee Soo Hyuk to the show to support BLACKPINK and let the fans in attendance Feel quite happy.

4. Jisoo’s sister took a photo with Lisa

Jisoo’s sister Kim Ji-yoon is very famous. Like her, she has an outstandingly beautiful face. She is also recognized as the “Little Han Hyo-joo”. She also made a surprise appearance at the concert. In addition to being a sister, she also took a photo with Lisa, hugging each other intimately. They are all so beautiful! This picture is so beautiful.


5. Big stars are all fans of BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK’s popularity is really good. This time, many celebrities went backstage to take cute commemorative photos with the members, including Kong Hyo Jin and Jung Ryeo Won, as well as with Hyeri, Rosé’s best friend, and Jisoo’s “ideal type” Lee Je-hoon are here! It’s a pity that Jisoo’s real boyfriend Ahn Bo-hyun didn’t show up this time, otherwise fans would have cried out loud!


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