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Youjia Lin’s “Garbage Baby” highlights the loveliest aspect of love: You have so many shortcomings, but I love you the most – A Day Magazine


I haven’t heard such a cute love song for a long time. As soon as Lin Youjia’s “Garbage Baby” opens, I hear two familiar garbage truck music in life, “Girl’s Prayer” and “For Alice”, leading the audience into the garbage heap of love. Discover the core value of “love” and humorously sing that everyone is a precious and unique “baby”.

Love is when two people exchange trash and tolerate each other’s shortcomings

Are you still asking what the meaning of love is? Love is about falling in love with his good qualities and living with his annoying parts. I once thought that love was a bubble full of pink, but after meeting him, I realized that love is when two people exchange trash, tolerate each other’s shortcomings, and then walk hand in hand together.

You pouted and said, that’s not how Korean dramas work, so let me tell you, Korean dramas are all lies! Still not convinced? You will understand after listening to Lin Youjia’s new song “Garbage Baby”.

Photos: Huayan Music

Circled the earth, Lin YoujiaReturning to the Taipei Arena for three consecutive concerts, Lin Youjia said: “This is a work that reflects the heart. During the concert, which is a bit like a black hole effect, I hope that everyone can laugh and cry together, like children together. . I look forward to creating beautiful and profound memories for every audience during this nearly three-hour concert!”

Youjia Lin “idol 2023 World Tour Concert” Taipei Station 12/15-12/17 @Taipei Arena

Ticket sales time: 12 noon on 9/24 (Sunday)

Ticketing system: KKTIX, FamilyMart FamiPort

Organizer: Huayan International Music Co., Ltd.

Ticket price: 4800/4200/3800/3400/2800/2500/2000/1600/800

Art Design: Chara


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