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News Eye/Pop queen Taylor Swift can shake up the 2024 US election. More than half of adults are “Thai fans”

The 33-year-old American music singer Taylor has a strong fan following. This year she earned at least more than $300 million from her concerts alone.Recap of @taylorswift13 “X” social platform

(Wang Qiuyan/Comprehensive foreign news reports) The 33-year-old American music singer Taylor Swift is unstoppable in her charm. The latest poll shows that as many as 53% of American adults are fans of Taylor Swift, and 16% of the respondents consider themselves die-hard fans. Taylor Swift can drive huge fans to create amazing economic benefits. California Governor Newsom predicted that Taylor Swift’s influence on the 2024 U.S. presidential election will be “very powerful.”

Taylor Swift is a singer-songwriter who has released 10 albums since her debut. Her strong cross-border ability also allows her to attract fans of all ethnic groups and ages.

According to statistics from the American financial magazine “Forbes”, Taylor Swift was one of the top 10 highest-paid artists last year, and this year she earned more than It has brought in more than 300 million U.S. dollars, with an average attendance of 54,000 in the United States. It is estimated that the “Era Tour Concert” will bring as much as 4.6 billion U.S. dollars in consumer spending to the overall U.S. economy, which is equivalent to the size of Jordan’s economy in one year. .

Taylor Swift fans of both genders call themselves “Swifties”

Taylor Swift’s ability to drive fans is at the forefront of current American celebrities, not only surpassing other artists, but also surpassing American political celebrities. A recent poll by “Forbes” shows that more than 50% of American adults consider themselves to be Taylor Swift fans. They call themselves “Swifties”, with 48% of male fans and 52% of female fans.

Among Taylor Swift’s die-hard fans, 74% are white, 13% are African-American, 9% are Asian, and 4% are of other races. 45% of this group of die-hard fans belong to the Millennial Generation (Generation Y), aged 27 to 42, 23% are Baby Boomers, 21% are Generation X, and 11% are Generation Z.

What has aroused great concern in the American political arena is that although Taylor Swift has no obvious political party affiliation, as many as 55% of her die-hard fans prefer the Democratic Party, 23% have no political leanings, and 23% prefer the Republican Party. .

Taylor Swift posted an Instagram post last week urging her 300 million followers to vote. The non-profit organization pointed out that more than 35,000 people registered to vote immediately after Taylor posted her post.

Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom pointed out that Titus has made young generations realize that they have a voice and power in the next election. Taylor’s influence on the 2024 US presidential election will be “very powerful.”

Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom.Photo taken by Gavin Newsom on Facebook
Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom.Photo taken by Gavin Newsom on Facebook

Both Trump and Biden are too old, America needs youth and vitality

The United States is becoming increasingly polarized. People with high positions in the political arena are older, but they still want to actively win the 2024 presidential election, including US President Joe Biden and former US President Donald Trump.

Biden turned 81 on November 20 this year. According to the “Washington Post” poll, his approval rate is only 43%, and most people think he is too old. Although the 77-year-old Trump is slightly ahead of Biden in the polls, his bravado and unique approach to politics have made many Americans refuse to let him sit in the White House again.

The British Times analyzed the latest poll results and found that Biden won the last election with more support from young people, African Americans, Hispanics, and white working-class people, but now lags behind Trump. This group is not very impressed by Biden’s charm and political achievements. For them, they need important figures who are younger, more energetic, and more able to inject vitality into the US economy.

Joe Morris, a political science expert at Mercyhurst University in Pennsylvania, pointed out that if Swift is willing to get more involved in politics and even endorse a candidate, she will bring about surprising changes in the 2024 U.S. presidential election.

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