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Got it! More terrifying than Cambodia’s organ selling “KK Park”, the main suspect arrested | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM


International Center / Reported by Chen Jialing 【 08/15 07:30 Publishing | 11:12 Update: New video and audio 】

▲ The KK Park in Myanmar, which is more terrifying than Cambodia, sells organs. It is said that the main suspect was arrested in Thailand. (Picture / Breaking News Line YT)

Recently, there have been repeated rumors that criminal groups are recruiting people with high salaries to attract uninformed people to go there.Cambodia“Gold Rush”, as everyone knows, fell into a life-threatening horror trap. However, a more brutal place than Cambodia is located in the “KK Park” in Myanmar. Because they have a pipeline to sell human organs abroad. However, on the 14th, the Global Anti-Fraud Organization pointed out that She Zhijiang, a businessman from mainland China, one of the owners of the “KK Park”, was detained by the Bangkok police in Thailand on the 14th.

Fraud cases in Cambodia, Southeast Asia and other countries have attracted high international attention. There are even rumors that the United Nations has decided to intervene in this matter. The six countries of the United Nations are preparing to secretly attack the Cambodian “Westport” base camp and the “Myanmar KK Park” known as the terminal. Even the famous Wang Ruide and Sammy, a member of the GASO International Rescue Organization, also confirmed in “Breaking News” that Thailand has now become a “transit station” for fraud groups. Once they arrive in Thailand, they may be sent to eastern Myanmar, northern Myanmar, and Laos. In the Golden Triangle Park, Westport and other places, it is the easiest to smuggle to the KK Park in eastern Myanmar, because you only need to cross a river from Mae Sot County (south of northern Thailand) to get there.

Sammy pointed out that although there are only about 10,000 people in the KK park, it is not the largest, but it is the most brutal “end point of resale in the whole of Southeast Asia”. Sammy revealed that although Westport can beat people, he wants your money after all and wants you to defraud, so it is not easy to kill people, but there are channels in KK Park to sell human organs abroad , “So he’s not afraid of you dying”.

According to the Thai media “Bangkok Post”, the Thai police said that a controversial 40-year-old Chinese businessman She Zhijiang was detained in Bangkok on the 14th on suspicion of running an illegal game. It is understood that She Zhijiang has been evading the investigation of mainland Chinese authorities since 2012. Many foreign media have reported that She Zhijiang owns controversial large-scale projects and gaming companies in Cambodia and Myanmar, as well as related gambling companies in the Philippines. .

▲The famous Wang Ruide also mentioned in the program that “Myanmar” is the most dangerous country that should not be approached. (Picture / Breaking News Line YT)

Thai police said that She Zhijiang’s Thai visa had been cancelled after she was detained by immigration and is currently awaiting an extradition request, while Thai prosecutors will submit a provisional arrest request to the criminal court next week. In addition, “AFP” also pointed out that according to the Interpol red notice issued in May 2021, She Zhijiang was accused of illegal casino operation in mainland China, so she may face up to 10 years in prison, but because mainland China There is an extradition treaty with Thailand, so the whole process can take several months.

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