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Organ harvesting KK garden owner engages in gambling in line with the “Belt and Road” policy? China has spoken | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM


Reported by International Center/Chen Jialing

▲ She Zhijiang built an Asia-Pacific new city in Myanmar for illegal gambling. After being arrested by the Myanmar government, he madly said that it was in line with China’s One Belt One Road policy. (Image source: China Overseas Chinese Business Association)

Myanmar’s “KK Park” is described as more like a purgatory than the Sihanoukville Park in Cambodia. Not only is there human trafficking, but sexual assault is also more brutal. Organs are directly harvested from victims and sold to the international network through private channels. One of the fierce owners of “KK Park”, a Chinese businessman “She Zhijiang”, has been arrested in Thailand. He has a successful gambling business in Southeast Asia. At that time, he also said that he was in line with China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy, but this statement Being slapped in the face by the Chinese ambassador to Myanmar has nothing to do with it.

She has been evading Chinese authorities since 2012 with his controversial large-scale gaming ventures in Cambodia and the Shuigou Valley in Myanmar’s Kayin State, as well as a lottery business in the Philippines, according to the Bangkok Post. At the age of 40, he served as the chairman of the board of directors of Asia Pacific International Holdings Group, and served as the honorary chairman of several Southeast Asian Chinese Chambers of Commerce. He was once praised as a Southeast Asian overseas Chinese leader, a Cambodian overseas Chinese entrepreneur and a philanthropist. At that time, he invested, planned and constructed in Myanmar. The Asia-Pacific International Smart Industry New City, which claims to have invested US$15 billion, was investigated by the Myanmar government for allegedly operating illegal cross-border gambling. It is a third country investment and has nothing to do with the “Belt and Road” initiative.

In the promotional content of Asia Pacific New City, this project is located on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, only 15 kilometers away from Mae Sot Airport in Thailand, and at the Thailand-Myanmar intersection of the Trans-Asian Railway. Relying on the “China-Thailand-Myanmar Economic Corridor”, it strives to become a “Belt and Road” construction. It is also the first project to implement blockchain technology for global financing, with plans for tourism and vacation, business logistics, and financial and technology centers. This master plan covers an area of ​​180,000 mu and is one of the largest large-scale investment projects in the area.

However, after he was arrested, the local Overseas Chinese Leaders Association, which was associated with him, terminated his post. According to Myanmar media reports, the Myanmar government has actually formed a special court as early as June 2021 to investigate the possible illegal gambling problem in Asia Pacific New City. Due to the reasons for the epidemic, the investigation has not yet made substantial progress. Two months later, the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar issued a statement stating that the Asia-Pacific New City in Myanmar is a third-country investment and has nothing to do with the “Belt and Road” initiative; China’s position on the issue of cross-border gambling is consistent and clear, that is, China is not allowed to Capital investment in local casinos, Chinese people are not allowed to participate in the operation of local casinos, and local casinos are not allowed to gamble with Chinese people. China is strengthening law enforcement and security cooperation with Myanmar, and stepping up efforts to crack down on illegal gambling, telecommunications fraud and other cross-border illegal and criminal activities. Safeguard social security and the safety of people’s lives and property in the two countries. “China supports the establishment of a special agency by the Myanmar government to investigate and handle the Asia-Pacific New City project in accordance with laws and regulations.”

Local media have also noticed that after Myanmar launched the investigation, online gambling companies in Asia Pacific New City have continued to post recruitment information on Facebook.

▲The news of the arrest of the owner of the KK garden shocked the Chinese community. (Photo/Retrieved from GASO International Anti-Fraud Organization)

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