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Shipping slumped, Taiwan stocks fell 136 points and hit a new low this year

Shipping slumped, Taiwan stocks fell 136 points and hit a new low this year
Shipping slumped, Taiwan stocks fell 136 points and hit a new low this year

(Central News Agency reporter Zhong Rongfeng, Taipei, September 19, 2022) The U.S. FOMC will announce the results of interest rate hikes in the early morning of the 22nd. 14,500 points, and the transaction value was less than NT$160 billion, reaching 159.446 billion yuan, a new low this year.

The U.S. Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will announce the results of the interest rate decision-making meeting in the early morning of the 22nd. U.S. stocks fell, Taiwan stocks weakened today, electronic stocks turned black and financial retreated, and shipping stocks fell due to Evergreen’s capital reduction and listing of new stocks. The impact fell sharply, representing the OTC index of small and medium-sized stocks. The weighted index fell by more than 100 points intraday, falling below the 14,500-point integer level, and the lowest was 14,424.33 points, down 137.43 points.

At the end of the session, the electricity gold continued to weaken and the shipping industry tumbled. At the end, the weighted index of Taiwan stocks closed at 14,425.68 points, down 136.08 points, or 0.93%. The volume hit a new low this year, with electronics stocks down 0.75%, financial stocks down 0.44%, and shipping down 5.71%.

Wafer foundry leader TSMC turned black, closing at 467 yuan, down 5 yuan, or 1.06%, and its market value reached 12.11 trillion yuan; MediaTek closed at 604 yuan, up 0.67%.

Hon Hai (2317) closed at 107 yuan, down 0.47%; Delta Electric (2308) closed at 269 yuan, up 1.7%.

Shipping stocks tumbled. Among them, Evergreen (2603), which reduced capital and listed new shares with a reference price of 187 yuan, closed at 169 yuan, down 9.63%, Wan Hai (2615) closed at 74.1 yuan, down 8.18%, and Yang Ming (2609) closed 68 Yuan, tumbled 7.48%; aviation duo EVA Air (2618) closed flat at 33.95 yuan, and China Airlines (2610) closed at 22.45 yuan, turning black and down 0.66%.

Gold Holdings fell in late trading. Among them, Fubon Gold (2881) closed at 56.8 yuan, a small increase of 0.53%, CITIC Gold (2891) closed at 22.15 yuan, a small increase of 0.23%, and Mega Gold (2886) closed at 34.45 yuan, a small increase fell 0.14%. Cathay Pacific (2882) closed at 42.75 yuan, down 0.12%.

Looking ahead to the market outlook for Taiwan stocks, Liu Yuheng, manager of the Taiwan New High Dividend Balanced Fund, said that the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) may raise interest rates again sharply at the end of the month. Recently, the global stock market has retreated sharply and corrected, and the weighted index has hit a recent low again. However, the Fed is expected to After the rate hike will be accelerated, U.S. inflation in the fourth quarter has a high probability of peaking and falling back. The pressure on the Fed to raise interest rates will ease after next year.

In terms of chips, Liu Yuheng pointed out that it is necessary to observe the dynamics of foreign capital. At present, the weight of foreign capital in technology stocks is slightly lower than that of the previous wave. If it starts to cover, it will be beneficial to the upside of the broader market index.

Observing the operation of stocks, Liu Yuheng suggested to prioritize the deployment of niche growth, high-dividend and other defensive stocks to reduce volatility risks, take long-term dividends and stable targets as the core holdings, and match the yield rate above the market average of 4.6%. And there is a high growth target.

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