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NASA’s “Curiosity” photographed a “monkey” Scientist: full of confidence in the existence of life on Mars | NASA | Curiosity | Monkey | Scientist | Mars | Life

[VoiceofHopeSeptember192022](Editor: Guo Xiao)In outer space, words like dry, barren, dusty, and boring to describe Mars, which are hundreds of millions of kilometers away from Earth, seem more appropriate. But NASA scientists say otherwise, because ancient Mars once had liquid oceans, suitable temperatures and a thick atmosphere, and everything looked so similar to Earth. As early as many years ago, scientists have launched a number of rovers to the surface of Mars to conduct some high-tech exploration. Among the many missions, the most important thing is to search for the existence of alien life. Unfortunately, so far, no conclusive evidence has been found on Mars, whether it is existing life or traces of life that once existed.

A snail captured by the rover (Image: NASA)

Most of the images and data obtained by NASA on Mars are public, and anyone can obtain a large number of them from NASA and its cooperative websites. These data have become a treasure trove of “research” for some astronomers and UFO experts. A well-known UFO hunter recently spotted a “monkey” in images taken by the Curiosity rover, seemingly sitting in a rock pile on Mars looking for something. This image is from GigiPan, a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and NASA Ames Research Center and backed by Google, which aims to combine individual images into giant composite images for the public to view on the web , you can perform quick zoom, download and other operations. This website houses a large collection of high-definition panoramic images taken by NASA’s rovers on Mars.

The UFO hunter said he found the “monkey” when he zoomed in on a photo of Martian gravel. He also put a photo of a real monkey for comparison, which I have to say is really vivid. The UFO hunter also claimed that there are two possibilities: first, this guy is a primate on Mars; second, this may be a monkey sent by NASA to Mars for experiments, for how humans can adapt to the extreme living environment when they land on Mars in the future carry out testing. However, some skeptics believe that putting the image to the maximum should be the shadow formed by the rock, giving the illusion of looking like a monkey, like the so-called Lion Peak, Tiger Cliff, Elephant Rock, etc. in some scenic spots. Turtle stone etc.

Comparison with real monkey photos (Image: NASA)

Astronomy enthusiasts have also found many strange objects in the pictures taken by the Mars rover, such as spiders, snails, spoons and the like, which make us full of hope and reverie about Mars. There are various indications that there may still be biological activities on Mars, and whether these creatures still exist on Mars still needs to be further explored. Although the environment on the surface of Mars is relatively complex, scientists have found that there is not only an atmosphere on Mars, but also the existence of liquid water. These factors provide a good environment for the birth of life. Life exploration is full of confidence.

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