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Live broadcast / Today, 44,500 cases have been added, 247 cases and 33 cases have died in China and abroad | The latest marquee on the epidemic | Important news

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced today (20) that there were 44,747 new cases in ChinaCOVID-19Confirmed cases were 44,500 local cases and 247 imported cases; 33 new deaths were confirmed among the confirmed cases.

According to the command center, there are 44,500 new local cases today, including 20,865 males, 23,621 females, and 14 under investigation, aged between 5 and over 90 years old; the cases are distributed in New Taipei City (9,289 cases), Taichung City (5,877 cases), Taipei City (5,229 cases), Taoyuan City (4,091 cases), Kaohsiung City (3,717 cases), Tainan City (2,790 cases), Changhua County (2,310 cases), Hsinchu County (1,197 cases), Ping Dong County (1,180 cases), Yilan County (1,176 cases), Miaoli County (1,094 cases), Yunlin County (1,088 cases), Nantou County (993 cases), Hsinchu City (930 cases), Keelung City (809 cases), Hualien County (758 cases), Chiayi County (736 cases), Chiayi City (478 cases), Taitung County (385 cases), Kinmen County (197 cases), Penghu County (143 cases), Lianjiang County (33 cases) .

The command center pointed out that there were 33 new local deaths today, including 15 males and 18 females, aged in their 60s to over 90s. 3 or more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The date of diagnosis is from August 7th to September 16th, today (2022), and the date of death is from September 6th to September 17th. For details, please refer to the attachment to the press release. In addition, 8 previously announced confirmed deaths from COVID-19 were removed today. Among them, 4 cases were corrected after the death information was incorrect. The remaining 4 cases were removed after re-examination by doctors and ruled out that the direct cause of death was related to COVID-19. .

The command center explained that among the 247 new cases of immigration today, 140 were males and 107 were females, ranging in age from under 5 to over 80 years old, from Vietnam (17 cases), Singapore (8 cases), and Germany. (7 cases), Thailand (6 cases), Malaysia (4 cases), the United States and the Philippines (3 cases each), Indonesia (2 cases), South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Japan (1 case each). Another 194 cases of infection are under national investigation. The entry date is from August 20 to September 19 this year.

According to the statistics of the command center, up to now, there have been 17,274,012 notifications related to the new coronavirus pneumonia in China (including 11,224,571 excluded), of which 6,043,539 were confirmed, including 32,665 imported cases, 6,010,820 local cases, 36 Dunmu Fleet cases, 3 aircraft infections, 1 case is unknown and 14 cases are under investigation. Since 2020, a total of 10,604 COVID-19 deaths have occurred, of which 10,588 are local. The counties and cities of the cases are distributed as New Taipei City with 2,226 cases, Taipei City with 1,190 cases, Taichung City with 1,069 cases, Kaohsiung City with 989 cases, Taoyuan City with 811 cases and Tainan City. 810 in Changhua County, 425 in Pingtung County, 334 in Yunlin County, 310 in Nantou County, 270 in Miaoli County, 252 in Chiayi County, 229 in Keelung City, 218 in Yilan County, 185 in Hualien County, There are 172 cases in Chiayi City, 168 in Hsinchu County, 149 in Taitung County, 110 in Hsinchu City, 30 in Penghu County, and 20 in Kinmen County; the other 16 cases were imported from abroad.

Local increase of 44,500 cases of Zhuang Renxiang: 4.9% lower than last week

Today, there were 44,500 new local cases, 247 overseas cases, and 33 deaths. Zhuang Renxiang, a spokesman for the Central Epidemic Command Center, said that compared with last week, the number of cases decreased by 2,295.

2022-09-20 14:10

Live broadcast / 44,500 new cases today, 247 domestic and overseas cases, 33 deaths

Yesterday, there were 28,210 more local cases, 239 imported cases, and 31 deaths. Zhou Zhihao, head of the epidemic monitoring team of the command center, said that the epidemic increased by 10% compared with last Monday…

2022-09-20 10:15

Taiwan’s local confirmed cases exceeded 6 million today, 8 people were diagnosed and discharged but were mistakenly classified as deaths

Today, there are 44,500 new cases in mainland China, 33 deaths, and 68 moderate and severe cases, including 37 moderate and 31 severe cases. The command center has now removed 8 deaths that were mistakenly planted. at the same time…

2022-09-20 14:19

Will someone who has not been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia be the “chosen person”?

Why are some people diagnosed with the whole family, but he is the only one who is always quick to test negative, while others cough and vomit, and he is a living dragon? What do scientists think of the “chosen one” statement?

2022-09-20 11:47

Miaoli +1094 County Government: No punishment for escaping from the earthquake and leaving the isolation premises

Miaoli County added 1,094 new cases today on September 20. The county’s cumulative local cases this year reached 130,760, and the population accounted for a confirmed rate of 24.43%. Miaoli County Health Bureau pointed out…

2022-09-20 13:53

The last class of the school’s vaccine coverage will visit Ke Wenzhe: I hope to unblock and take off the mask as soon as possible

As the epidemic heats up, the government encourages the public to get vaccinated, but Member Wang Hongwei received the petition, pointing out that the Education Bureau sent a letter to each school requesting the school to count the third-dose vaccination rate of students, and the vaccination rate ranked mathematically…

2022-09-20 13:13

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