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Trader’s stand: The interest rate hike is imminent, the funds are locked in advance, and the buying of these three types of stocks is relatively obvious | Anue Juheng – Expert Opinion

Trader’s stand: The interest rate hike is imminent, the funds are locked in advance, and the buying of these three types of stocks is relatively obvious | Anue Juheng – Expert Opinion
Trader’s stand: The interest rate hike is imminent, the funds are locked in advance, and the buying of these three types of stocks is relatively obvious | Anue Juheng – Expert Opinion

Recently, it was mentioned that it is a transition period to suppress high inflation. In order to cool down the high inflation as much as possible, the US Fed continues to express its hawkish stance. Recently, US Fed Chairman Powell has frequently conveyed the message that the Fed must insist on raising interest rates and tolerate the economy entering a recession. , it is obvious that even at the cost of a short-term economic recession, the US Fed’s attitude to solve the problem of high inflation is obvious. Whether this week’s rate hike is a 3-yard rate hike, or a 4-yard rate hike at a time, global financial markets are watching. From an operational point of view, the more hawkish Fed is actually more beneficial to stock market operations. The reason is that if the high inflation problem can be solved at one time, it may cost some money in the short term. On the contrary, the stock market is more attractive to the market. The shorter the painful time, the better the market operation is. On the other hand, the dovish Fed seems to be beneficial to the economy, but due to the high inflation problem that will continue to affect the economic situation, the subsequent consumption power will shrink, and the terminal demand will be weak. After the market fell for a period of time, the complexity of the operation increased.

On 9/19, Taiwan stocks tested the low point in early September, and there was resistance from many parties on 9/20; it was just because the market was waiting for the result of the US Fed to raise interest rates, the mentality was biased towards wait-and-see, and the trading was light, the index rose 1653 points at the end, closing At 14549 points, the daily K line received a red K. If we look at the broader market from futures, after the Taiwan index futures opened high in the morning on September 20, the gap was tested downward in the intraday, but after midday, the bulls raised their position at the 15-minute K line at 12:00, and the market stood at 14500 points. The shock range moved up. In the short-term, the current bulls and bears continue to carry out the offensive and defensive battle at the low point of last month at 14545 points. Since this place corresponds to the monthly K line after the sunrise signal in August, whether there is a sunset signal in September will affect the market changes in the fourth quarter of this year. , so many parties continue to defend this place. Since the current market is a stock game, not only is there limited buying by many parties, but also the selling pressure on the short side is limited; therefore, as long as the selling pressure has been released, for the many parties, it becomes difficult to find a new wave of buying opportunities after the pullback. It is important that the N-word breakthrough mentioned many times before is this logic, the pullback process in the middle, and then to the right side of the strong upside, there is a new opportunity to get on the car.

On the disk, the beneficiary stocks of Sino-US rivalry continued to have buying orders. Ankong’s Jingrui, Shengrui, Tianyuedian, etc. benefited from the effect of European and American transfer orders, and their operations were optimistic. After the short-term selling pressure was released recently, the stock price strengthened again. . IP Silicon Intellectual Property’s VIA, Andes, M31, Jinlike, Chuangyi, etc., benefiting from the continued trend of independent chips in mainland China, the follow-up performance is promising, and the stock price has also risen along the upward trend line recently. This kind of Sino-US rivalry beneficiary stocks, because the industry trend is relatively clear, and the number of companies is small, so once they are pulled back, as long as the multi-party structure is not broken, they can pay attention in the future. Pan-auto concept stocks are also a group with a clear industry trend. Whether it is traditional auto parts and components, or automotive electronic components, after experiencing the impact of the blockade and control in the mainland in the first half of the year, operations in the second half of the year are expected to recover significantly, such as Pan-auto. The performance of Hulian, Accurate, Taimao, Huaxin, Jianlin, and Jianqi, Huacheng, and Kangshu of charging stations are expected to increase, and follow-up will be followed. As for the market rumors that the government has the opportunity to open the country at the end of October this year, this is not only beneficial to airlines and travel agencies such as China Airlines, EVA Air, Wufu, Xiongshi, Shanfu, but also domestic catering companies are expected to welcome more tourists. There is room for imagination, such as Bafangyunji, Wangpin, Wacheng, Liujiao, Gourmet-KY and other stock prices are also ignited, unblocking concept stocks to warm up, follow-up observation of endurance, more disk opportunities can be locked in [email protected] group.

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