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AMA: dDAO x Matters “Decentralized Collaborative Writing Project” Sociological Experiment – Matty (@hi176)

AMA: dDAO x Matters “Decentralized Collaborative Writing Project” Sociological Experiment – Matty (@hi176)
AMA: dDAO x Matters “Decentralized Collaborative Writing Project” Sociological Experiment – Matty (@hi176)

dDAO x Matters “Decentralized Collaborative Writing Project” Sociology Experiment

Date: September 22

Time: 21:30 (East Eighth District)

Venue: Matters Discord Liberty 2


Boo (Co-writing project lead, Matters author)

Ada (dDAO community sponsor, collaborative writing project contributor)

Ricky (Co-Writing Project Contributor, Matters Community Contributor)

Moderator: Ali (Matters Content Operations)

In the new world of web3, “decentralization” has become the goal and utopia to pursue, but what can be decentralized, what is suitable, and how to do it has become a topic of multi-exploration. What Matters is most proud of is the decentralization of content storage, allowing writers to keep their content safe and secure on IPFS and use a smooth user interface.

The emergence of dDAO has opened up another imagination. dDAO is a recently formed community exploring progressive decentralization. They believe: “DAO is not an institution for benchmarking companies, but an integral part of desoc, which itself should be a square, a community, or even a digital city-state. dDAO is mainly to explore the possibility of progressive decentralized governance. In the process, it is found that collaboration is the most important thing. crucial part.”

dDAO is developing a “collaborative writing” product. The basic concept is as follows: organize the content of DC’s speeches and discussions in the form of cards, and finally produce articles together. The articles will be published in Matters, and all participants can get governance. Token. In this process, contribution and collaboration are decentralized, and in dDAO, governance is also based on Aragon’s DAO token governance scheme. The dDAO experiment was also selected as the 15th round of the Gitcoin grant program, which is recognized by the world’s largest web3 grant program.

dDAO cuts into the pain point of the current web3 contribution, a lot of discussion happens on Discord, there is no way to record it, and how to produce results after recording. The idea of ​​dDAO is not only a precise web3 solution, but also, as they say, a bold and innovative sociological experiment. In addition, by publishing on Matters, dDAO also realizes the last mile of “decentralized collaborative writing” with decentralized storage. Matters is also very happy to explore the feasibility of web3 collaborative writing with dDAO.

Matters is pleased to invite three core members of the dDAO team to share with us their original intentions, project details and the possibility of collaborating with Matters. The three core members are Boo, Ricky and Ada, of which Boo and Ricky were originally Matters Stand on the author.

Community members are welcome to discuss “Decentralized Collaborative Writing” with us at 21:30 pm on September 22.

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