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Mario + Crazy Rabbit Star of Hope Early Access: More Details, But Harder | 4Gamers

“Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star”, a collaboration between Ubisoft and Nintendo, will be launched next month. Invited by Ubisoft, this time 4Gamers tried the game in advance. This time, I will talk about the experience of this game in the future.

“Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” is the sequel to “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Kingdom Battle”. The sense of joy brought by this nonsensical game is still the same, whether it is bright colors, funny crazy rabbits, vivid expressions Mario and others, this time the animation also adopts the silent mode, which can show a certain “laughing fruit” only by dubbing the action and basic slang words.

Perhaps the characters on the Nintendo side are burdened, and the plot dialogues with text are still not fully dubbed, but the characters responsible for the commentary have dubbing, so one side speaks English, and the other side uses various adjectives, which is still a bit abrupt.

This story is a brand new beginning, but the characters continue from the previous work, although they will not explain the origins of the previous characters (such as Beep-O as a guide, Mad Rabbit Mario, Mad Rabbit Luigi, Mad Rabbit Princess Brigitte, etc.) , but as long as you know that they are with Mario and save the world together in one generation, the plot layout of this type of game is simple, so if you haven’t played the previous game, it’s not a big problem.

There are also additions to the characters this time. Whether it is Mario’s Kuba, Crazy Rabbit’s new original character “Rui Qi”, and “Crazy Rabbit Rogeta”, the basic attack methods of each character are very different. , the skills are even more different. Only three people can appear in each battle and cannot be changed, so how to choose your own lineup becomes very important.


A slight difference from the previous game is that the characters in this experience do not have a variety of weapons. Instead, each character has inherent specific skills. In addition, each character can bring a “Xing Ke”, and Xing Ketong will also Given skills, players can choose to make up for the inadequacies of the character, such as the need for range attacks, or a certain attribute attack. By the way, this time there is also an obvious attribute mutual restraint mechanism.



On the system side, all aspects have been improved. Let’s talk about the part of the exploration place first. This time there has been considerable evolution. This time the same process of exploration->mainline battle->exploration is carried out, but in the exploration part, there is a fairly complete Hakoniwa world, and there will be side quests, There are also various puzzle-solving elements and treasure-hunting parts in the shops and the world for the NPCs to talk to. Both the parts that can be explored and the direction of puzzle-solving are much richer than the previous work.


For example, there will be walking bombs or chestnut babies in the world to be explored. If you see you, you will bump into them. If you are accidentally bumped, you will be forced to enter a small branch level, so it is best to be ready for battle at any time.

Next, let’s talk about combat. The biggest improvement this time is that the movement in combat is no longer a grid, but completely free movement. This change is good and bad, the bad part will be mentioned below.


The battle is basically divided into two stages, action and attack, and the action and attack stages have their own available times. In addition to moving, in the action stage, there are some special actions that can cause damage and have a limited number of uses, just like the previous game. Shoveling, as well as team jumping using teammates, etc.

In the attack phase, there are actions such as using skills, items, and stars. Once the attack command is executed, the character is considered to be the end of the round.

In the level, it is the same as the previous game. Basically, the bunker is used for shooting. The bunker is divided into high and low, which are 100% and 50% probability grids. In addition, this game still has a critical strike setting, so the game still has some luck.

In addition, the rhythm of the game is still slow, which is consistent with the previous game, but the production team has tried their best to allow players to manually skip most of the battle performances.

Maybe the design team did it intentionally, that is, the game obviously provides too little information about combat, so many things can only be felt by the body. This makes the game “seemingly” simple, but it is actually a very challenging game, and this challenge is structured in the player’s unknown.


For example, as mentioned earlier, this time it was changed to free movement, because there is no “several grid” setting, it becomes more difficult to judge the opponent’s attack range. This series is also a strategy game that is very particular about relying on bunker shooting. Once you leave the bunker and are besieged, you will be punished very heavily. After changing to free movement, the difficult part of this game was created.

Deducting the complex height difference, this work also has attribute attacks such as fire and water that will force the target position to move, so once the opponent’s actions and attack range are miscalculated, the probability of an accident is very high. In the early stage, players will continue to encounter new types of enemies as they advance through the level, so if they are shot out of cover, and then surrounded by enemy characters for a while, there is a high probability that one will be knocked down in one round, which will make the scene very difficult.


In the game, in addition to the range displayed when the enemy casts skills, the others will not be displayed, so what is the attack mode of each enemy? You have to fight to find out. Another problem is attributes. Although you can use Beep-O to know the enemy’s weakness attributes after entering the level, but before entering the level, you don’t know what kind of enemy will appear. Therefore, the first time you touch the level, the characters and stars to bring. But what can only be guessed blindly.

At this point, the editor feels a little pity, because the overly simplified information sometimes prompts players to use SL Dafa. At least in the trial play, there were several attempts to restart the game to adjust the lineup and fight again, which would be a waste. some unnecessary time cost.


Overall, “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” can be said to be an evolutionary version of the previous work, and most of the content has been improved, so if you like the previous work “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Kingdom Battle” If you are a new player, you might as well use it as a blueprint to make sure that this turn-based strategy game is your thing, so as not to be deceived by the cute appearance of Crazy Rabbit!

“Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch platform on October 20, 2022.

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