Apple’s mixed reality FaceTime is said to be able to see each other’s full image, more like face-to-face chat

Apple’s mixed reality FaceTime is said to be able to see each other’s full image, more like face-to-face chat
Apple’s mixed reality FaceTime is said to be able to see each other’s full image, more like face-to-face chat
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According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in an e-newsletter, Apple’s mixed reality device Reality Pro (tentative name) with the sound of the stairs ringing and ringing, finally has the opportunity to officially debut this spring, and it also brings a lot of specific details. Reliability has increased. This Reality Pro is said to be an all-in-one machine with a built-in iOS-style interface. The latest statement is that it has become an external display device that needs to be connected to a Mac. Users can operate it through Siri voice, or the keyboard of Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This is “xrOS”. According to the news, Apple will also have the ability to type in mid-air, which is like a sci-fi movie, but this will not be launched until later.

Reality Pro will have a health tracking function and can also install third-party apps, but the key usage scenarios are still watching virtual reality content, such as immersive Apple TV+ shows. It is said that Apple has wooed Disney, Dolby and other media partners to provide VR content, allowing users to watch movies in a virtual screening room while providing a spatial sound experience through headphones such as AirPods. The content of the game is also naturally indispensable.

It is said that the selling point of Apple Reality Pro is that it has hand and eye tracking at the same time, allowing users to interact with the VR world in a more natural gesture way, such as selecting content, moving, etc., without using the joystick. There will even be a small screen on the outside of Reality Pro to display the user’s eyes, which is convenient for real communication with the real world at any time. This “penetration mode” is also emphasized by Meta Quest Pro and HTC Vive XR Elite. Apple will use the buttons like the Apple Watch digital crown to adjust the ratio of VR and the real world. Not surprisingly, it will be full-color . At the same time, Reality Pro will have a built-in diopter function, so that users do not need to wear glasses together to improve comfort.

The biggest selling point of this mixed reality device is the metaverse communication, and the representative of Apple is naturally FaceTime. It is said that unlike Meta Horizon’s cartoon portraits and simulated legs, Apple will be able to show users a complete, physical image of the other person during a one-to-one FaceTime call, and have a more realistic face-to-face chat experience. Of course, the group chat will return to the version with only avatars or Memoji to save computing power.

In terms of hardware design, it is said that Reality Pro will be an aluminum shell with glass material, like a helmet version of AirPods Max, equipped with an M2 chip and a dedicated Reality Processor, which specializes in processing images and mixed reality-related calculations, and more cooling fan. The battery is believed to be an external type, which will allow the user to put it in the pocket, and the battery life is about 2 hours.

Gurman said that Apple will announce Reality Pro as early as this spring or before WWDC, and it will be officially launched by the end of this year, with a price of up to $3,000. Although the price is twice as high as the Meta Quest Pro, Gurman believes that Apple does not expect to be able to make money, and only expects to sell only 1 million units in the first year. The “affordable” $1,500 version that really shoulders the heavy responsibility of selling will not appear until late 2024 or early 2025.

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