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▲The mother of a high school student surnamed 500 million Lai accused Xia Nan of taking money and killing him. Her former employer lamented her pitiful background, “The wedding of a wealthy family is like her funeral.” (Picture/Flip Screen)

An 18-year-old high school student surnamed Lai in Taichung, who inherited his father’s estate and was worth 500 million yuan, fell from a building with many doubts. Lai’s mother accused Lai Nan of murdering his registered spouse with the surname Xia before falling. Still to be clarified. Lai’s mother’s former employer, surnamed Huang, lamented that she was a poor person, and bluntly said that it seemed to the outside world that she married into a rich family in a rice mill. “The wedding of a wealthy family is like her funeral.”

The case of 500 million high school students falling from a building has attracted social attention! After a woman surnamed Chen, the mother of a high school student surnamed Lai, married to Taiwan, her Taiwan identity card was canceled in 101 years. According to the “Regulations on Relations Between People Across the Taiwan Strait” or the “Entry and Exit Immigration Law”, the Immigration Department “has” to order Chen’s daughter to leave the country within a time limit; she did not leave the country after the time limit may be forced to leave the country. However, there is no mandatory regulation in the law. Once the identity is cancelled, compulsory administrative measures must be taken. As a result, Lai’s mother illegally stayed in Taiwan for 12 years, but she surfaced because of the sudden death of her beloved son.

▲The high school student inherited 500 million real estate, but suddenly married his son on behalf of the secretary and fell to his death. (Photo/provided by family members)

45-year-old Lai’s mother used to work briefly in a well-known pastry in Taichung. The former employer surnamed Huang revealed that Lai’s mother used her ID card to apply for sweeping and cleaning jobs. She worked very hard and dressed plainly. Ladies, it is hard to see that there is a large family property in the family. According to the “TVBS News Network” report, the former employer lamented that Lai’s mother had a poor background and was arranged to marry a mentally handicapped person at the beginning of the marriage. “It is a luxurious wedding for others, but for her, I personally think it is her A personal funeral.” Married to Taiwan in her 20s and pinned her hopes on her son, but was hit by his death.

500 million high school students and their husband Xia Nan. (Synthetic image/Flip screen)

▲ 500 million high school students and their husband Xia Nan. (Synthetic image/Flip screen)

To restore the incident, Lai Nan’s father (namely grandfather, blood relationship as father) passed away due to a serious illness. After cremation, he had to enter the pagoda on May 4th, but Lai’s mother could not find a son who received more than 500 million yuan from his father. , and later received the news that his son fell to his death, facing a double blow. Later, Lai’s mother discovered that the 26-year-old Xia Nan, who was an assistant to his father as a land officer, dated Lai Nan on the grounds of “handling real estate education”. After that, the two took a locomotive to the Beitun District Household Registration Office to register their marriage, and then went to Xia Nan’s home together. While drinking, Lai Nan fell down. Lai’s mother accused her son’s death of an innocent cause, Xia Nan’s murder of money, and pointed out that the case is full of doubts and is currently being investigated by the police.

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