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Taichung’s fart boy was caught in the door and actually beat the old man. The whole Internet called “healing” | Society | Sanli News Network SETN.COM


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▲The boy was unwilling to be pinched by the elevator door after drinking, and pushed the old man to the corner of the elevator to abuse him. (Photo/Facebook Explosive Waste Commune)

Some people uploaded two surveillance images on the social media “Breaking News Commune”. The first part of the old man suspected that he didn’t pay attention when taking the elevator and accidentally caught a young man when the door was closed; the second part of the image captured the theory between the man and the old man. Pushing, and finally the elevator rushed out of a large group of people and beat the man. After he fell to the ground, he was kicked several times. Netizens saw the video and commented, “I’m not very good at bullying the elderly…but I was beaten…it’s too good to describe it in one word.” Some people even shouted “It’s so healing!”

It is understood that this building on Ningxia Road is mostly a hotel. The 80-year-old man surnamed Hong took the elevator down from the 12th floor at around 2 am a few days ago. When the elevator stopped on the 5th floor, 25-year-old Hu Nan and 17-year-old Liu surnamed The teenager, a 17-year-old girl surnamed Lin, walked into the elevator and was caught. The group immediately forced him to a corner and questioned him. When the elevator reached the first floor, everyone continued to argue. Soon after, the old man’s friend came out to ask what happened, and finally the other side of the elevator The door was opened, and several men rushed out, directly attacking Hu Nan.

▲ The old man’s friend took the elevator downstairs to help out, and stepped forward to beat the boy surnamed Hu. (Photo/Facebook Explosive Waste Commune)

The boy surnamed Liu and the girl surnamed Lin saw the chaos at the scene, so they immediately took advantage of the gap to flee, leaving only Hu Nan to be taught by many people. When he was finally beaten to the ground, Hu Nan’s original arrogance disappeared long ago, and during this period Although there were still many people coming and going back and forth, when they saw Hu Nan lying on the ground motionless, they all turned a blind eye.

In this regard, netizens couldn’t help but leave messages calling “It’s so cool”, “The video is so long, but fortunately I saw the ending at the end! In the end, the evil is still invincible”, “I don’t feel sorry for being beaten to death”, “This kind of Don’t do anything casually in places, especially the elderly. Many elders’ fathers are here.”, “Even the old national treasure was bullied and deserved to be beaten”, “Hahaha, it’s so healing.”

The fart boy surnamed Hu was beaten to the ground in the end, completely losing his arrogance just now. (Photo/Facebook Explosive Waste Commune)

▲ The fart boy surnamed Hu was beaten to the ground in the end, completely missing his arrogance just now. (Photo/Facebook Explosive Waste Commune)

The police said that the place of the brawl was Ningxia Road, Xitun District, Taichung. The incident happened on the 25th of last month. After the police arrived, they took a man surnamed Hu, a boy surnamed Liu, a girl surnamed Lin, and an old man surnamed Hong. The 47-year-old Lu and 42-year-old Chen surnamed men who beat people were brought back to the police station. The man surnamed Hu was diagnosed and treated by the ambulance personnel and suffered contusions on his head and the corners of his eyes. Neither party filed a complaint of injury. However, the police still prosecuted Hu Nan, Lu Nan, and Chen Nan for violating the Social Order Maintenance Law.

★ Bad behavior, please do not imitate!

★ No violence! Please dial 113, 110

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