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Baseball” fans praise the world-class dome but regret that the screen is too small

The “Home Run Taipei Arena Preliminary Tournament” kicked off on the 18th, with 13,000 spectators allowed to enter the venue and unbox the “Arena” that they have been waiting for for many years. (Photo by Chen Yicheng)

The Taipei Arena held its first foreign preparatory match on the 18th. Two Chinese teams played against each other. 12,027 fans conducted a stress test. Most fans gave positive feedback, but also pointed out several areas for improvement. The largest number of fans The problem mentioned is that the big screen is too small. In addition, too many pillars on the courtside net affect the line of sight and the lighting is dim. I hope this can be improved.

Mr. Lu, a 57-year-old man who has been watching baseball since the first year of professional baseball, took his daughter all the way from Taoyuan to watch the game yesterday. “I have been waiting for the Dome for a long time. I think the opening of the Dome will have a huge forward-looking improvement on the baseball environment in Taiwan.” , the most important thing is to let us see that Taiwan’s baseball culture is progressing, which is a very positive social effect.”

Mr. Lu said that although he was a Brother Elephants fan in the past, he still vividly remembered the scene of shouting “We want the Dome” in 1991. He was very happy that Taiwan finally had its own dome, allowing players to play and fans to watch without having to worry about it. No matter the wind, sun or rain.

Mr. Lu, who has visited the Fukuoka Dome, said that he thinks the Taipei Dome has reached international standards, but the only thing that needs improvement is the big screen. “It’s really too small.” Mr. Xu, who has been to Tokyo and Fukuoka Dome, said : “The air conditioning is a bit strong, the lights are too dim, and the big screen is too small are all areas that can be improved.”

Fans of the Fubon Tigers, who have been watching professional baseball for seven years, believe that there are too many iron pillars on the first and third base side of the field, which affects the field of view of the ball. “There are really too many pillars for fans to watch the ball, which will hinder Line of sight.” In addition, the sideline photographers who personally participated in the preparatory match shooting also gave feedback that the photography trench was really too small and the angle was not enough. Photographers had to stand up to shoot, but it would block the audience behind them.

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