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Biden calls for an end to attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank and threatens to deny visas to Israeli extremists | Israeli-Palestinian conflict resumes | Global


AmericaCNN reported that the President of the United StatesBiden(Joe Biden) wrote to the Washington Post on the 18th, asking violent forces to stop attacking the West Bank (West Bank)Palestinepeople, and threatened to refusevisagiveIsraelThe extremists also once again called for a “two-state solution” for peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine.

“I have repeatedly asked Israeli government leaders to stop targeting Palestinians in the West Bank and that those who commit atrocities face justice. The United States is ready to take action, including denying visas to extremists who attack civilians in the West Bank.”

Biden’s warning comes from concerns that Israel may violate travel regulations to the United StatesVisa-freeVisa Waiver Program. At the end of October this year, Israel was approved to join the U.S. visa-free program.

The U.S. State Department acknowledged its concerns last week, with spokesman Matthew Miller saying that “the United States is ready to remedy the situation” if Israel violates the visa-free program.

On the other hand, Biden has also maintained his stance since early last month, calling for a temporary truce, emphasizing the “two-state solution” for peaceful coexistence and rule by the Palestinian Authority.

“The two-state solution is the only way to ensure the long-term security of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. The two-state solution advocates that the Israeli and Palestinian peoples live side by side with equal measures of freedom, opportunity and dignity. This is the only way to peace. , requires the joint commitment and efforts of Israel, Palestine, and allies such as the United States.”

The inside story of the music festival attack is revealed!The police report revealed that Hamas may have improvised and Israeli helicopters were suspected of accidentally attacking people.

Al Jazeera reported that the Israeli television station “Channel 12” (Channel 12) this week obtained Israeli police information on the October 7 “Nova Music Festival” (Nova…

2023-11-19 18:36

Biden calls for end to attacks on West Bank Palestinians, threatens to deny visas to Israeli extremists

CNN reported that US President Joe Biden wrote to the Washington Post on the 18th, asking violent forces to stop attacking the West Bank…

2023-11-19 14:37

Urge a ceasefire in Gaza!Ministers from Arab and Muslim countries started their overseas visits on the 20th and landed in the mainland for the first time

The Saudi Arabian media “Arab News” reported that Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal attended the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Manama (Manama) held in Bahrain recently…

2023-11-19 16:55

The pro-Palestinian slogan “From River to Sea” has been banned by the German Federal Interior Ministry

The Jordan River winds from the northeastern tip of Israel through the Sea of ​​Galilee and finally flows into the Dead Sea. The Jordan River is 250 kilometers long, and most of its course forms a natural border, separating Israel and the West Bank from the Kingdom of Jordan on the other side…

2023-11-19 15:55

“Limited to 1 hour” Israeli military orders Gaza’s largest hospital to clear out hundreds of injured patients and flee

Salmiya, director of Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in Gaza, said that after the Israeli military ordered the hospital to be evacuated, AFP reporters witnessed today…

2023-11-19 14:26

Israeli military show Hamas “evidence” raises suspicions BBC: the video has been edited

On the 15th, the Israel Defense Forces stormed Gaza’s largest medical institution, the West Fa Hospital, and then released a video showing “Hamas weapons found in the hospital.” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insisted that he had evidence…

2023-11-19 14:20

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